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Did you know that God can speak directly to you from the Bible if you'll only ask Him to? You can understand the basics of the Bible all by yourself, just by reading his Word. You do not need a priest, preacher, scholar, church denomination, etc. to interpret it for you. God will show you the way. But, in order for God to speak to you, you must put aside your preconceptions and ask Him to speak to you from His Word.

Have you ever questioned the traditions of religion that have been passed down through the ages? Where did they come from? Did they really come from the Bible? Are you willing to put aside any preconceived notions or beliefs revolving around God, Jesus, salvation, heaven and hell, death, the afterlife and the purpose and destiny of man? If you are willing to approach the Scriptures with an open mind and a willingness to believe what God teaches you, your studies will open up vistas of truth that will amaze you.

Your first copy of God's word

You can never go wrong with obtaining a King James translation of the Bible. Although some of its words are a bit dated, many reference tools such as Strong's Concordance are keyed to its verses. You can purchase this translation, at a very reasonable price, through online retailers like Amazon. If you simply don't have the money to buy a copy of God's word, organizations like The Gideons provide them for free in such places as motels and hotels. You may also wish to try contacting a local church in your area. One sure way of obtaining a copy is to use a search engine like Google or Bing!, search using the phrase 'free bibles,' then visiting a few sites.

Another translation we highly recommend, which is used frequently on this site, is called The Holy Bible in its Original Order.

For a brief synopsis on more than 20 popular and widely used Bibles please see our article on comparing translations.

How did God
use NUMBERS to
create the universe?
Biblical weights
and measures
How did we get
the word of God?
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Study the book
of Proverbs
by Topic!
Why are there
so many Bibles
in the world?


If you own a computer or have access to one I suggest purchasing Bible Software, which can greatly enhance your studies. I use a package called Quickverse. The software comes with many translations, commentaries, handbooks, books on history, maps, charts, photos, art, sermon helps, word studies and so on. For the new student, it offers the ability to view translations side by side. which comes with lots of translations, study helps and so on.

There are also some very helpful FREE software programs you can use. One that comes immediately to mind, which is used for researching new materials for the site, is E-Sword. The program is available for free download at This software is quite versatile. It comes with some Bible translations, maps, pictures, charts, images, reference books such as The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Numbers in Scripture, The Temple during the Time of Jesus and several others. Also included are commentaries, dictionaries, studies, etc. Another free program to try is called OnlineBible, which can be downloaded from

I highly suggest visited the site's Software page to review some of the more widely-used programs and study tools.

Reference Books

People today, unlike any other time in human history, have access to a plethora of books dedicated to aiding research into the word of God. This every-growing collection includes dictionaries, commentaries, interlinears, word studies, lexicons, Biblical maps and still more. Although the selection of tools available to the average student of the Bible is truly amazing, choosing an initial set of basic reference works can seem daunting., however, can make your selection a bit easier. We suggest getting a copy of the following books to start your own personal library of study helps.

  • Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

  • Nave's Complete Word Study Topical Bible

  • New Unger's Bible Dictionary

  • Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon

  • Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament

  • New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties

  • New Manners and Customs of Bible Times

FREE stuff

The site has been offering FREE study materials since 1996. Some of the site's most popular FREE basic tools for beginning to study the word of God include the following.

We also highly suggest visiting the site's section dedicated to Beginners.

In closing, we leave you with a motto used by this site near its inception. The principle it supports is something to keep in mind as your travel down the road to discovering the mind of God as revealed in his word.

The Bible is the written authority of truth given by God directly to man.
Do not believe us (or anyone else for that matter)
just because we (or they) say so.
Believe your Bible!

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