How were animals
on Noah's Ark FED?

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Animal Pens on Noah's Ark
Photo courtesy of Arnold Mendez, Sr.

Those who doubt the veracity of the Bible say that eight people could NEVER have done all the work needed to care for and maintain animals on Noah's Ark. The TRUTH is that most of them would need little if any care on the ship. This vessel used self-cleaning, self-feeding and self-watering technologies.

The above picture shows a 1/12th scale model of the type of animal feeding system that could be placed within Noah's Ark. Note the following regarding the system above.

An eight person crew on Noah's Ark could have fairly easily cared for the less than 40,000 animals it held. Data from husbandry studies have shown that they would even have had time to keep the Bible Sabbath.

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Did you know about Noah . . . ?

Noah, who lived 950 years, is the third oldest human in history. The longest lifespan goes to Methusaleh, who lived 969 years. The second longest life goes to Jared (Methusaleh's grandfather), who lived 962 years. He represents the tenth generation of humans since God created Adam about 1,050 years prior to his birth. He is directly referenced, by name, at least fifty times in the King James Old Testament and three times in the New Testament (in the books of Hebrews, 1Peter and 2Peter).

A series of pseudepigraphic (meaning falsely written) works, mainly of Jewish origin, appeared during the period between 210 B.C. and 200 A.D. One of these writings is entitled the Book of Noah.

God used this man, along with Job and Daniel, as an example of righteousness (Ezekiel 14:14, 20). How righteous was this man? He was willing to TRUST God and sail a GIANT boat, for several months, that had no rudder or sail!

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