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Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance
What is the significance and meaning of NUMBERS in the Bible? What do numbers such as 3, 7, and 10 SYMBOLIZE? What can the NUMBERS formed by letters in Biblical words teach us about GOD?
New Manners and Customs of Bible Times 
Understanding the Bible demands a working knowledge of the historical and cultural context from which it came. This reference book contains colorful photography, artwork, maps, diagrams, and charts. Additionally, there are scripture and topical indexes for quick fact checking.
The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings
Considered the classic and comprehensive work in reckoning the accession of kings, calendars, and co-regencies based upon the Old Testament text and other extra-biblical sources.
Biblical Mathematics Biblical Mathematics
Study tool that will help you understand the use of Biblical numbers, as revealed in God's Word.
A Brief History of Time A Brief History of Time
Author Stephen Hawking explores such questions as: Does time always flow forward? Is the universe unending — or are there boundaries? Are there other dimensions in space? What will happen when it all ends?
The Seven Day Circle: The History and Meaning of the Week The Seven Day Circle: The History and Meaning of the Week
Nature gave us days, months, and years but WE invented the week for ourselves. How did the seven-day week come into existence? What is the history of the WEEK? What could such a seven-day cycle mean for humans?
A Harmony of the Gospels in Modern English: The Life of Jesus Christ 
This is an easy-to-understand account of the life of Jesus. Graphically illustrated charts simplify chronological events. This book also includes complete topical and Scriptural indices.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia 
This classic reference encyclopedia explains every significant word in the Bible and Apocrypha. It gives detailed information on the language and literature of Bible lands, and the historical and religious environments of the people of the Bible.
The Tithe in Scripture 
Was it a common practice in the ancient world for people to pay tithes to their gods? Did Cain, Abel, and Abram (Abraham) tithe? What is a SECOND or THIRD tithe? How did Jews practice tithe paying in the days of Jesus? What did JESUS think and teach about the principle of tithing? Should the giving of tithes be only to those who preach the gospel?
The Two Babylons 
Is the Roman Catholic Church nothing more than pagan cult that has a bank of secret knowledge only available to a few? Are its TRUE roots in the Babylonian mystery cults?

The Bible

Rainbow Bible Tabs Rainbow Bible Tabs
These tabs are perfect for wish to carry their copy of God's word with a little bit of style. These rainbow-colored tabs are a visually quick means to finding just the right scriptural quote. This tab set also has tabs specifically for the Old and New Testaments, special notations and more!
Restoring the Original Bible 
Why have modern Bible translations ABANDONED the originally inspired order of the Bible's books? Who could have made such drastic changes to the Bible?
The Canon of Scripture 
How is it determined whether a book is worthy of inclusion in the Bible? Who decided what shape the canon should take? What criteria influenced these decisions?
Secrets of Golgotha: The Lost History of Jesus' Crucifixion 
This book reveals the location of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection from the dead. Its extensive historical research shows that the people of the fourth century were deceived in selecting the present day Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar 
This book is the most popular introduction to learning Greek. Universities and seminaries around the world use it. This third edition adds an element of fun, with encouragement, songs, and more, which appear in the margins.

Word Studies

Complete Word Study New Testament 
The reference work contains parallel Greek text and an exhaustive amount of Bible study research material.
Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible 
A correct understanding of the scriptures requires knowing the sometimes unique meanings of Hebrew or Greek words. This book identifies key phrases and words and presents a clear explanation of their meaning.
Nave's Complete Word Study Topical Bible 
This reference work cites the King James Bible translation for virtually every verse listed under each topic, offering a quick way to read what the word of God states about a particular topic. Included is the entire text of the book on a CD.

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