What are CLEAN
and UNCLEAN foods?

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God has created a wide variety of foods for man's consumption and health. He did not, however, make ALL animals fit to be used for man's diet. Because our heavenly Father wants us to be in the peak of health, He has told us within the pages of the Bible which foods are GOOD (or clean) for us to eat and which are BAD (or unclean). We find this critical information in the books of Leviticus (chapter 11) and Deuteronomy (chapter 14).

In spite of what many believers think, the Bible does not, in the Old or New Testaments, abolish or do away with God’s laws about foods that he created either to be eaten or avoided.

In the seventh chapter of Mark, the dispute between the Pharisees and Christ did not concern, at all, what could or could not be eaten. It involved whether his followers could eat a few grains of food without having to ceremonially wash their hands several times! Peter's vision of Acts 10, commonly thought to make all meats fit to eat, was God's way of conveying to bigotted and biased Peter that no human was worth less than others in His eyes.

Paul the apostle also upheld the Biblical laws regarding what is good and not good to eat as still being valid for believers (1Timothy 4:1 - 3). He showed that while some food were made for our benefit others clearly were not.

Below is a list, based upon the Bible, of commonly available foods (the kind you would find at a typical grocery store) that are good (clean), and not good (unclean), to eat! Please also note that this list is not comprehensive of ALL foods either approved or disapproved by God's word.

Foods that are good to eat

Land Animals

Buffalo - Cattle - Deer - Sheep

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Chicken - Duck - Goose - Grouse - Guinea fowl - Partridge - Peafowl - Pheasant
Prairie chicken - Ptarmigan - Quail - Turkey
Clean insects include types of locusts that may include crickets and grasshoppers
Albacore (Crevalle, Horse Mackerel, Jack) - Alewives (Branch, River Herring) - Anchovy
Bass - Black Drum - Black Pomfret (Monchong) - Blue Runner (Hardtail) - Bluebacks (Glut Herrings)
Bluebill Sunfish - Bluefish - Bluegill - Bonitos - Bowfin - Buffalofish - Carp
Chubs (Bloater, Longjaw, Blackfin) - Cod - Common Sucker (Fresh Water Mullet, White Sucker)
Crappie (Black or White Crappies) - Drum
Flounder (Dab, Gray, Lemon Sole, Summer/Winter Flounder, Yellow Tail)
Grouper (Black, Nassau, Red, or Yellowfish Grouper, Gag) - Grunt (White / Yellow Grunts)
Gulf Pike (Robalo, Snook, Sergeant) - Haddock - Halibut - Hardhead - Hardtail (Blue Runner)
Herring (Alewife, Branch, Glut. Lake, River, Sea Herrings) - Kingfish
Long Nose Sucker (Northern or Red Striped Sucker) - Mackerel (Cobia) - Minnow - Mullet
Muskellunge (Jacks) - Orange Roughy - Perch (Bream) - Pike (Pickerel, Jack) - Pig Fish
Pollack (Pollock, Boston Bluefish) - Pompano - Red Horse Sucker (Redfin) - Red Snapper - Redfish
Robalo (Gulf Pike) - Porgy (Scup) - Red Drum (Redfish) - Rockfish
Salmon (Chum, Coho, King, Pink or Red) - Sardine (Pilchard) - Scup (Porgy) - Sea Bass
Sergeant Fish (Gulf Pike) - Shad - Sheepshead - Silver Hake (Whiting) - Silversides
Smelt - Snapper - Snook (Gulf Pike)
Sole - Spanish Mackerel - Steelhead - Striped Bass - Sucker (Red Horse Sucker, Redfin) - Sunfish
Trout (Gray Sea, Lake, Sand Sea, White Sea, Spotted Sea Trouts, Weakfish)
Tuna - Whitefish - Whiting (Silver Hake) - Yellow Perch
Foods that are NOT good to eat! 
Land Animals
Pigs - Horses - Rabbit
Ostrich - Swallow
Reptiles and Amphibians
Turtles - Snakes - Frogs
Fish and Marine Animals
Fish and Shellfish
Abalone - Clam - Catfish - Crab - Crayfish - Shark - Squid - Sturgeon - Swordfish - Lobsters - Mussel - Oysters - Shrimp
Soft Body
Cuttlefish - Jellyfish - Limpet - Octopus - Squid (calamari)
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