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Facts about America (United States of America)

Great Britain's colonial land holdings in America separate with its 'mother country' in 1776 A.D. It was not until a treaty was signed in Paris in 1783 that what became the United States was internationally recognized as an independent nation. From its original thirteen colonies which became states from 1787 to 1790, an additional thirty-seven states were added to the new union from 1791 to 1959. Victories in two 20th century global wars, coupled with the Cold War's end in 1991, has left the United States as single most powerful nation on the planet.

3,537,454 square miles
(9,161,966 square km)

256,645 square miles
(664,709 square km)

The total area of the U.S. is roughly 50%
that of Russia and half of South America.

Lowest elevation point is Death Valley at -282 feet

Highest elevation point is Mount McKinley 20,321 feet

Natural resources include Bauxite, coal,
copper, gold, iron, lead, mercury,
natural gas, nickel, petroleum, phosphates,
potash, rare earth elements, silver,
tungsten, uranium, zinc

The Middle East

Map of Asia

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire


318,892,103 (July 2014 est.)

The U.S.A. is the world's
3rd largest country in terms of population.

Population Age Structure

Ages up to 14 years: 19.4%

15 to 64 years old: 66.1%

65 years old and above: 14.5%

Life expectancy at birth

Male: 77.11 years

Female: 81.94 years

Median age

Male: 36.3 years

Female: 39 years

America and the Bible

The first complete copy of scripture printed in the Western hemisphere dates back to the early 1660s. Known as the Eliot Indian Bible, it was written for distribution among the Algonquin Indian tribes in the United States. It was the first Bible printed in America.

In 1791 the first Family Bible (using the KJV) is printed in the U.S. In 1833 Noah Webster, author of the well-known dictionary, publishes his own version of the King James Bible.

In 1926 a Dr. Vollbehr came to the U.S. with a large set of 15th century books. While in Washington, D.C. he offered to sell his entire collection to the Library of Congress for only half its value. These books included one of the three complete vellum copies of Gutenberg's 1455 Bible known to exist. A Mississippi congressman heard of the offer and made a stirring speech before the U.S. Congress proposing that $1.5 million in public funds be used to acquire these rare books. In 1930 U.S. President Hoover signed a law approving the funds needed to buy Vollbehr's collection.

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