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Bible trivia

Several men in the Bible had more than one wife. The patriarchs Lamech, Abraham, Jacob and Esau had more than one (Genesis 4:19, 16, 26:34, 29:30). Surprisingly, Gideon (Judges 8:30) and the prophet Hosea (Hosea 3:1 - 2) had several wives.

King David and his son King Solomon had MANY wives and concubines (1Samuel 25:39 - 44, 1Kings 11:1 - 8). The most evil Israelite king, Ahab (reigned 874 to 853 B.C.) had so many wives that he produced SEVENTY sons (2Kings 10:1)! Kings of Judah Rehoboam (first king after the unified Israelite kingdom split in 930 B.C.), Jehoram (ruled 853 to 841 B.C.), Joash (ruled 835 to 796 B.C.) and Jehoiachin (the last king before Jerusalem fell the first time in 597 B.C.) had more than one mate at a time.

Who are the ten most frequently referenced people in the Bible? They are, in order, King David, Jesus, Moses, Aaron, Saul Abraham, Solomon, Jacob, Joseph and Joshua.

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