Definition of Christian Terms

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Antichrist    -     Armageddon
Apocrypha    -    Apologetics
Ash Wednesday    -    Bible Codes
Blasphemy    -    Body of Christ
Charismatic    -    Cult
Deliverance    -    Demon possession
Dispensationalism    -    Dogma
Dynamic / Formal Equivalence
Eschatology    -    Exegesis
First Mention Principle
Fivefold Ministry
Gematria    -    Generational Curse
Gnosticism    -    God's Names
Great Tribulation
Hebrew Roots    -    Heresy
Hermeneutics    -    Holy Laughter
Immaculate Conception of Mary

I.N.R.I.    -    Jews    -    Legalism
Lent    -    Marriage    -    Messianic Jew
Millennium    -    Narrative Theology
New Age    -    Numerology
Occult    -    Palm Sunday
Pentecostal    -    Place of Safety
Proof texting    -    Protestant Reformation
Purim    -    Rapture
Replacement Theology    -    Rhema
Sacred Name    -    Satan's Seed
Second Coming    -    Seed Faith    -    Sin
Sola Scriptura    -    Speaking in Tongues
Spiritual Warfare    -    Tithing
Word of Faith
Definition of Christian Terms
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