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The Bible Study Site at BibleStudy.org is a wholly independent and non-denominational Internet ministry began in 1996. Its goal is to preach the gospel to the entire world by freely offering a wide range of helpful study materials to enhance a person's understanding of the Bible.

History and Content

The Bible Study site was founded, and is currently owned and operated, by the site's fulltime webmaster. He can be contacted using the below form.

Site content (articles, maps, charts, timelines, etc.) is created by the site's webmaster, who has been an active Christian for more than thirty-two years. A wide variety of Bible translations, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, encyclopedias, other reference works and fellow longtime Christians are consulted in the production of content.

The site's Bible quotes are primarily taken from the Holy Bible in Its Original Order - A Faithful Version (HBFV) due to its integrity in translating the original language text. Other translations, however, such as the King James Version, New International Version, The Living Bible and several others are consulted and quoted where appropriate.

The site highly encourages you to verify the truthfulness of its content through prayer and the word of God. Do not ultimately believe us (or anyone else for that matter) just because we (or they) say so. Believe your Bible! A collection of some of the beliefs supported by BibleStudy.org can be found in our article on the Bible's basic teachings.

We encourage you to sign up to receive our free newsletter, Emailed bi-monthly, that contains Biblical trivia, short answers to questions, encouraging Biblical verses and more!

All Bible questions submitted to the site are answered by one of several Christian volunteers, all of which possess a minimum of thirty years experience in studying the Scriptures. Collectively, this team of volunteers is known as the Email Evangelists.

Copyright and Financial Support

Content on the Bible Study Site is copyrighted by BibleStudy.org, all rights reserved. Please see our Terms of Service for information regarding the use and distribution of our materials.

The Bible Study site, in its first eight years of existence, had very little advertising on it. Growth in its popularity, however, coupled with other factors, increased site expenses beyond what was donated. This led to an expansion of site ad space. BibleStudy.org appreciates the financial support of visitors like you to keep its materials free of charge and its need for ads to a minimum.

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