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BibleStudy.org, one of the oldest and largest Christian sites on the Internet, attracted 10.8 million actual visitors in 2016! This represents a 15.4% increase over the previous year. Additionally, the site's seven hard-working Email Evangelists handled 1,500 Emails containing Bible questions. This represents the second busiest year since the Personalized Answers service started fourteen years ago!

Even though BibleStudy.org continues to expand its ability to preach the gospel, it still ranks (according to Alexa.com), as one of the FASTEST loading sites in the world. Google statistics states that, on average, it takes less than 4 MILLISECONDS for a site article to download to a person's PC or smartphone.

Hard-working help

Part of the success of the site can be attributed to overwhelming popularity of its Personal Answers to Bible Questions service. Started in late 2002, the service has handled a total of more than 17,000 Emails from the public containing a wide variety of inquiries about the Bible.

This service is made possible by the Email Evangelists, a group of hard-working volunteers who average more than 30 years of experience as Christians. The current team of evangelists includes Rick and Eileen, Al and Debra, Eric, Margaret, Charlotte, Les and Clay. Their tireless labor in helping to spread the gospel is one of the greatest undeserved blessings the site has ever received.

Additionally, the site's fulltime Social Media Manager, Nanci, has been an incredible asset in managing the site's FIVE social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest) and further increasing its popularity.

An independent outreach

BibleStudy.org is a wholly independent Web site outreach that is not owned, operated, sponsored or controlled in any way whatsoever by any church, group or religious denomination. We are not Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Seventh-Day Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and so on. We are Christians doing our best to serve the great God who made all things.

Please also note that "Barnabas Ministries," which is the name of the effort that started BibleStudy.org, has no relationship whatsoever with any of the many other outreaches or churches who may also use this designation for their efforts.

Site Content

The vast majority of site content is researched and written by the site's Webmaster and does not necessarily represent the views of site volunteers. Additionally, site content does not represent or promote the views of ANY single fellowship, church, church denomination or church leader - either past or present. Although the site uses the Holy Bible in Its Original Order - A Faithful Version for many of its scriptural quotes (due to its accurate translation of the Hebrew and Greek text), we also use the KJV, NKJV, NIV and others where appropriate.

We're often asked . . .

We are often asked what is our doctrinal statement or our statement of beliefs. Since we are independent and unaffiliated with any denomination or church group, we do not have an "official" beliefs statement. However, for those wishing to review some of the basic teachings the site supports, please visit our article on the Basic Teachings of the Bible.

BibleStudy.org is strictly an online based ministry. We do not provide paper copies of any of our Internet materials. Additionally, we do not have other materials, monthly magazines, brochures or other kinds of printed publications available for postal delivery. The site also does not accept unsolicited articles, doctrinal dissertations and so on sent to us either via the postal system (snail mail) or Email. It also does not provide referrals to counsellors, ordained ministers, churches, fellowships and so on. Please see our terms of use for information regarding using our materials for publications or for Web sites, blogs, etc.

If our FREE materials have helped YOU, then help US continue to offer study materials through a gift to this ministry. Donations are accepted via the Paypal button below or can be directly sent to the site. For contributions via postal mail, please see our address below. Thank you!

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