Guidelines for the Christian Passover

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The Christian Passover service should be started right after sunset. Choose a room to conduct the service that can be as quiet as possible. Clean and remove all leaven from the room. Also, make sure you will have enough seating for all the attendees.

Buy a bottle of quality, unfortified (as it symbolizes Jesus' shed blood) red burgundy wine. Quality wines usually have a cork. The unleavened bread used in the service can either be bought or you can make it yourself. You will also need one small cup (1/4 ounces or 10 ml) for each attendee. A silver serving tray (or best tray that you have) will be needed to hold the wine cups.

You will need pans, towels, and warm water for the footwashing ceremony. Each attendee should, if possible, bring their own towel and pan. You will need printed copies of a Psalm or other appropriate music for the closing hymn of the service.

Purchase or find two quality pieces of white linen or cloth to use to cover the unleavened bread and wine during the service.

Those wishing to take an active role in the service (and will not be disruptive) should be allowed to participate. Different baptized people can conduct a part of the service. One person can give the opening prayer, another can bless and pass around the wine cup tray, etc. In addition, each person partaking in the service can read the scriptures, in turn, that are toward the end of the service.


Put unleavened bread on plate or serving tray and cover the bread with white linen or cloth. Then, remove the cloth after the blessing of the bread and before it is passed to the group for eating it

Fill cups or glasses with a small amount of wine. Put cups on serving tray and cover with white linen or cloth. The removal of the cloth occurs after the blessing of the wine.

A typical service runs from an hour to an hour and a half and usually finishes completely around 9 p.m. People sometimes travel MANY miles to attend a Passover service and almost everyone has to work the next day. Please keep this mind when deciding how long to conduct this profound ceremony.

Conducting the Passover Service
The service should begin just after sunset

Opening Prayer

Read Bible verses on Jesus' commitment
and the meaning of the footwashing ceremony
Luke 22:14 - 16; John 13:1 - 17;
Hebrews 10:1 - 7; Hebrews 10:19 - 22

Perform the
Footwashing ceremony

Read Bible verses on the
meaning of Unleavened Bread
Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12; Matthew 26:21 - 26;
John 13:18 - 32; 1Corinthians 11:23 - 24;
1Peter 2:21 - 25; Luke 22:19;

Perform blessing of Unleavened Bread
then pass bread to attendees

Read verses on the
meaning of the Passover wine
Luke 22:20; Psalm 22:12 - 15;
Mark 14:23 - 25; 1Corinthians 11:25 - 29

Perform blessing on the wine
then pass wine to attendees

Read verses on the meaning of
the Christian Passover
and the New Covenant
Luke 22:24 - 30; John 13:33 - 35;
Mark 14:27 - 31; John 13:36 - 38
John 14:1 - 31; John 15:1 - 27;
John 16:1 - 33; John 17:1 - 26; Mark 14:26

Sing a closing Hymn

Discard the leftover blessed
unleavened bread and wine.

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