Alexander the Great prophecies

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The vast empire that was made by Alexander the Great was foretold, in prophecy, many years before it became a reality!

The prophet Daniel, who wrote his book during the period of 605 to 530 B.C., predicted Alexander would head a world power around 200 years before it happened! The primary scriptures in Daniel that discuss this world-ruling power are found in chapters 2, 7, 8 and 11. In Daniel 2 the empire of Alexander is described as a belly and thighs of bronze (brass) in King Nebuchadnezzar's dream (Daniel 2:31 - 32, 39). In the seventh chapter of his prophecy it is described as looking like a Beast (Leopard) with four heads.

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In Daniel 8, Alexander the Great's vast empire is symbolized by a male goat with a large horn growing between his eyes (verses 1, 5 - 7). The Bible then states the following revealing information about the empire which includes who will rule it!

Then the he-goat became very great. And when he was strong, the great horn was broken. And in its place there came up the appearance of four horns toward the four winds of the heavens . . . and the shaggy goat is the KING OF GREECE (or Alexander, Daniel 8:8, 21).

Scripture also predicted that the kingdom would not go to Alexander's relatives but would be broken up into four pieces and given to others. The Bible states, " . . . four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation, but not with its power" (Daniel 8:22, see also 11:3 - 4).

At the height of Alexander the Great's empire in 323 B.C. it controlled 2.01 million square miles of land, or 3.49% of the world's land area. It ruled a region that included the former Persian empire and went as far east as the Indus river.

As was prophecied (Daniel 11:4), after Alexander died, his vast empire was not passed to one of his sons. It was, instead, divided up between his four chief generals (referred to in the Bible as the "four horns toward the four winds of the heavens", "four stood up in its place," etc.).

The generals of Alexander the Great that prophecy predicted were Ptolemy, Antipater, Seleucus and Antigonus. Egypt was taken by Ptolemy I who declared himself Pharaoh. His dynasty lasted until the death of Cleopatra in 30 B.C. Macedonia (Greece) was taken over by Antipater in 319 B.C. Babylon, Persia and several nearby areas like Mesopotamia were taken over by Seleucus. His ruling dynasty lasted until 63 B.C. Antigonus, the last of the four generals, declared himself king of Asia Minor in 306 B.C. His ruling dynasty lasted until 168 B.C.

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