Appii Forum
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Appii Forum
Bible Meaning: Market place of Appius
Strong's Concordance #G675, #G5410

Located roughly 40 miles (64 kilometers) south of Rome, the Appii Forum is one of many stops on Italy's Appian Way. The town derived its importance from the fact that a canal ran near the side of the road that went from it to within a short distance of Tarracina.

Appii Forum is one of the places the Apostle Paul travelled through, as a prisoner, on his way to Rome during his fourth missionary journey. Christians from the empire's capital, who knew of his arrival in Puteoli, met him at the marketplace.

Important Verses

Act 28:11 - 16
And after three months we (Apostle Paul and those on his ship) departed in a ship of Alexandria, which had wintered in the isle, whose sign was Castor and Pollux.

And landing at Syracuse, we tarried there three days. And from thence we fetched a compass, and came to Rhegium: and after one day the south wind blew, and we came the next day to Puteoli:

Map showing location of Appii Forum in Italy
Location of Appii Forum

Where we found brethren, and were desired to tarry with them seven days: and so we went toward Rome. And from thence, when the brethren heard of us, they came to meet us as far as Appii forum, and The three taverns: whom when Paul saw, he thanked God, and took courage.

And when we came to Rome, the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard: but Paul was suffered to dwell by himself with a soldier that kept him.

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