The REAL reason for
the Christmas season!

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What is the REAL reason for the Christmas season? Can Jesus Christ EVER be put back in it, assuming he was there at one time? Advertisements hit us with full force as the holiday approaches, enticing us to buy a tree, or decorations and lights, or purchase cards to send to family and friends, and to buy gifts for everyone we know. Xmas songs are played as background music in stores. And many try to put back in Christmas the Christ, but to little avail.

The word 'Christmas' we use to designate the day (in reality, the season) we set aside to focus on Christ's birth simply cannot be found anywhere in scripture! It is a compound word created by the Catholic church to designate the celebrating of the birth of CHRIST with a MASS on the evening of December 24th. The idea of even celebrating Jesus' birth is a concept totally foreign to the Gospel writers. Their accounts of his birth are relatively brief. From a Biblical perspective, his birth, let alone with celebrating it through a Christmas season, is far less important to the salvation of the world than his death.

The clear non-Biblical origin of all the Christmas images and symbols used to celebrate the season are openly reported and discussed by newspapers, magazines, television shows, books, encyclopedias, Web sites, and so on. For example, one history site openly admitted that the basis for the holiday dates well before Jesus' time. Traditions such as having a yule log, giving gifts to each other, singing from house to house, and many other traditions can be traced all the way back to the early Mesopotamians.

Several popular reference sites on the Internet admit that many of the trappings of the Christmas season were 'borrowed' from pre-Christian sources. These borrowed traditions included gift-giving, merrymaking and the use of lights from Roman pagan celebrations. Borrowed from Teutonic feasts were the use of Yule logs as well as eating certain foods.

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According to one history site, long before the time of Jesus Christ, people thought that trees that were green for the entire year had a special meaning. Anciently, boughs made of evergreens were placed on windows and doors. Some believed that such boughs would keep away evil spirits like ghosts. The ancient Egyptians also used evergreens for decoration and believed they represented eternal life. Alexander Hislop's book entitled The Two Babylons states that the Christmas tree was quite common in both the empires of Egypt and Rome. The Egyptians used a palm tree which represented to them their pagan savior Baal-Tamar. Romans used a fir tree which to them symbolized their god Baal-Berith.

Thomas Nast drawing of Santa Claus
1881 Thomas Nast drawing

Trimming the tree

A study of the Bible finds what is likely a Christmas tree.

1 The Lord said: Listen to me, you people of Israel. 2 Don't follow the customs of those nations who become frightened when they see something strange happen in the sky. 3 Their religion is worthless! They chop down a tree, carve the wood into an idol, 4 cover it with silver and gold, and then nail it down so it won't fall over (Jeremiah 10)

There is debate as to whether this verse is talking about a decorated tree, or a carved idol. But in either case, WHAT DOES GOD THINK ABOUT IT? Verse 3 tells us 'Their religion is worthless!'

Even those who have consciously attempted to include seemingly Biblical references and events to their celebration of the Christmas season often still have only pieces of the truth. For example, many people think that the angels announcing Jesus birth shouted to those in Bethlehem and in its fields the phrase "Peace on earth, good will to men." Although the KJV Bible DOES have this phrase, its translation into English of the original phrase from the Greek was not accurate. A more correct translation is the following.

14. "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth among men of goodwill" (Luke 2)

Our heavenly Father is still concerned about the details regarding people's behavior toward him, how they choose to worship him (e.g. Christmas season), what customs and ceremonies they use to do so and so on. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and still rejects the use of transformed paganism for the pupose of honoring him.

Reason for the Season

The real reason for the Christmas season is to confuse and deceive people about what the Bible teaches in general and the real story about Jesus' birth in particular. The devil has done a superb job of mixing a good amount of deception with a little bit of truth to produce a religious holiday that appeals both the head and to the heart of the average deceived person in the world. The holiday and all its customs and trappings, at its core, is a compilation of many man-made traditions (see Matthew 15:9) that, as a package, masquerade as the truth. Now that you know the TRUTH about Christmas, that Jesus was NEVER in the holiday, what will you do about it?

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The REAL reason for
the Christmas season!

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