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The above Java-based Biblical calendar program (based on the Calculated Hebrew Calendar or CHC) is both a tool for in-depth research and a quick, easy means to look up future dates for God's Feast Days of worship. It dynamically calculates the dates of the Holy Days for ANY year from 3761 B.C. (the Hebrew year of creation) to well into the future! It initially accepts as input any B.C. or A.D. year, then allows the user to input a month and year either based on the Hebrew or the Julian - Gregorian (modern) calendar system.

Jewish tradition states, based on the Biblical (Hebrew) calendar, that Adam was created by God on the Feast Day of Trumpets in 3761 B.C. This program shows that this day was in October and ran from Sunday, October 6th at sunset (Biblical days begin at sunset) to Monday, October 7th. It also shows that the Passover day was observed from Tuesday, April 4th at sunset to sunset on Wednesday, April 5th in 30 A.D. It was in this year that Jesus kept his 'last supper' with his disciples after sunset Tuesday and was crucified several hours later on Wednesday.

This above program is also able to calculate the occurrence of the Molad (average conjunction of moon with earth and sun) of Tishri for any Hebrew year. Additionally, it shows which postponement rules (if any) were used to determine Tishri 1. It also reports how many days are in a particular year and which year it is within a nineteen (19) year lunar cycle. Users can also print basic definitions of calendar concepts.

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The calendar program embedded in this page was a seven month project undertaken by the Webmaster of, under the direction of C. Franklin, for the Christian Biblical Church of God (CBCG). The CBCG, referencing this calendar and its accuracy, wrote the following in one of its publications.

"The Sacred Calendar of God is called the Calculated Hebrew Calendar (CHC). As a solar - lunar calendar, the CHC bases its years on the sun and utilizes the phases of the moon to determine the beginning of months. Importantly, the CHC retains God’s continuous, cyclical count of the seven-day week to which the months and years must conform. The CHC is in harmony with and includes the counting of the days of the week (which are reckoned each day from 'sunset to sunset'). In other words, God’s reckoning and calculating of the months and years is entirely separate from - but runs parallel to - the weekly cycle.

"Today, even with the advent of 'modern astronomy' and its supertelescopes coupled to high-speed supercomputers, no one has been able to improve on the CHC. Indeed, the CHC that God has given to the Aaronic priesthood (which has been preserved by Orthodox Jews for us today) is more accurate in calculating the festivals and holy days of God than any modern method. And it should be, because God ordained it." (The Appointed Times of Jesus the Messiah, Appendix D, written by F. Coulter)

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Running the Biblical Calendar Program

The Calculated Hebrew Calendar program embedded in this page requires a Java plug-in enabled in your Web browser in order to run. Please visit the Java Web site to download and install the latest plug-in for Windows-based systems. We suggest running the CHC program using browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, as newer versions of Google's Chrome browser no longer support running JAVA code.

If you wish to run this program, you may also have to allow Java permission to run the calendar from The latest versions of the Java plug-in for browsers also installs a Java control panel program that allows users to change certain settings for running Java. You can run the control panel by accessing the "configure Java" program within the Java folder that is found in the Windows Start Menu. In the Java Control Panel pop-up choose the "Security" tab. To allow this program to run, you will have to add to the "Exception Site List" within this tab. You can add the site by clicking on the "Edit Site List" button then adding the location This only has to be set once and will enable you to run the calendar program again and again. Also, please make sure that the "Enable Java content in the browser" is checked in the Security tab.

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