The Calendar of
Jesus and the Apostles

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What calendar did Jesus, his disciples, and the early church use to observe God's annual Feast days? Where did this calendar come from? Is it DEFECTIVE? Are its rules for calculating God's yearly appointed times in harmony with the Bible and the astronomical cycles ordained by God? On the other hand, are they the product of Jewish tradition whose goals are political and physical convenience? What are the rules of postponement and why are people opposed to them? Are such rules divinely inspired or are they the invention of men? How can we know the truth?

Read the in-depth Biblically-based research paper that examines the Biblical calendar and some of the basic Scriptural principles that govern all determinations of time. Other questions answered in this well-documented paper include the below.

What YEAR did Jesus die? Did he die in 30 or 31 A.D.? Was Jesus crucified on a WEDNESDAY or FRIDAY? Was Jesus DEAD for three complete days AND three complete nights for a total of 72 hours? What is the Quartodeciman Controversy and what did the apostle Paul do about it? How can the accuracy of the Hebrew Calendar be confirmed through the 4th - 5th century Catholic debates over EASTER? How are God's annual Feast days calculated each year? Have Biblical calendar rules CHANGED over the years? What is a nineteen-year time cycle and why is it important?

Who were the first seven disciples of Jesus?
How did God use MATH to create the Bible?
Why did Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords?
What are God's annual Holy Days of worship?
Who exactly were the twelve apostles?
Should Christians observe the New Moons?

Other questions tackled in this excellent research include the following. After Jerusalem's temple fell in 70 A.D., did Rabbis CONCOCT the Hebrew Calendar? Has the sacred calendar been altered to the point of being unreliable? What are the mathematics behind the calendar? Why does the Hebrew calendar utilize rules in the first place? How is determining when a new moon occurs critical to the accuracy of the calendar?

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