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The Bible

How are the gospels DIFFERENT?
Why are there only FOUR gospels? How is each writer DIFFERENT in his account?
Comparison of Bible translations
Which ancient texts are used by translators? Which text is the most accurate and reliable?
Who preserved the Old Testament?
Who were the early writers of the Old Testament? How was the Old Testament preserved from ADAM?


Are there LEVELS of Grace?
Does God distribute a different amount of his favor to EACH human?
What is God's name?
Do believers sin when they call the Creator GOD? Is it wrong to call the savior of the world JESUS?

Jesus Christ

The Virgin Birth of Christ
Was Mary really a VIRGIN when she gave birth to Christ? What is the ONLY Scripture that predicts the Messiah's supernatural conception?
How are God and Jesus Christ ONE?
Are Jesus and the Father ONE God and not two, three or more? Does it matter if Jesus was created by God the Father? 
Did Jesus give Peter the keys to heaven?
How do Catholics justify a POPE ruling the church? What is the power to BIND and LOOSE?
Which religious groups met Jesus?
Which of Jesus' disciples belonged to a political party? Which POWERFUL group was PAUL once a member?

God's Law

Should we observe the New Moons?
Should Christians do something special when the new moon occurs?  Why did King David observe moons?

Biblical Calendar

Biblical Calendar Program
Access FREE online program that calculates dates of God's Feast Days for ANY year from 3761 B.C. forward!
Names of Hebrew Months and Calendar
Discover the names of Hebrew months and how dates for God's Feast Days are determined.
What calendar did Jesus use?
Is the calculated Hebrew Calendar broken? What calendar did Jesus use to keep God's Feast days like Passover?

Defending the Faith

Comparison of Islamic, Christian Beliefs
How does Islam and Christianity differ on who is Jesus, how God interacts with man and how to treat our enemies?
Definition of Christian Phrases
What is Christian apologetics? What does it mean to proof text? What exactly is spiritual warfare?
Is the Bible THE Word of God?
Are the scriptures infallible?  Does historical and archeological evidence favor their credibility?
Teachings of Jesus versus Muhammad
According to a Muslim, what is the difference between the lives and teachings of Muhammad and Jesus?

Life, Death and Man's Destiny

Is there more than one resurrection?
What would be the purpose of more than one resurrection of the dead?  Are the unrepentant thrown into eternal Hell or put to death forever?

Starting and Attending a Church

How to Start a Church
How can you start a local church, set up church services and operate a local evangelistic campaign?
Signs of a SICK church
How can you tell if the church you attend is SICK? How can you gain your freedom if you are in a sick religion?
How SHOULD a church be lead?
What does it mean for an ordained minister to LORD it over the church? Does God give church leaders only LIMITED authority?
What is Speaking in Tongues?
Is someone who speaks in tongues a MATURE believer?  What did PAUL teach about this controversial gift?

Cult, the Occult, New Age

Black Magic
Who are the THIRTEEN people in Scripture that practiced the evil arts? Is there such a thing as WHITE magic?
What are the signs of a TRUE cult?
Could you be IN a cult-like church and not know it?

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