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Are there Levels of Grace?
Does God distribute a different amount of favor to each human?

What is God's name?
Do believers sin when they call our Savior JESUS?

Jesus Christ

What is the Order of Melchizedek?
Why is Melchizedek's order critical to Jesus' role as Savior?

What is atonement?
When was Christ's work of atoning for our sins finished?

The Virgin Birth
Was Mary really a VIRGIN when she gave birth to Christ?


Man's Future

Biblical Resurrections
How many resurrections from the dead are there?

The Second Death
Why must some humans die a SECOND time?

The Lake of Fire
Will wicked humans be tormented in this lake forever?

Islam vs. Christianity

Islamic, Christian Beliefs compared
How does Islam and Christianity differ on who is Jesus and how God interacts with man?

Jesus versus Muhammad
What is the difference between Muhammad and Jesus?

Jesus Christ

Are God and Jesus Christ One?
Are Jesus and the Father ONE God and not two or three? Does it matter?

Did Jesus give Peter the keys to heaven?
How do Catholics justify a Pope ruling the church?

Which religious groups met Jesus?
Which of Jesus' disciples belonged to a political party?

Christian Living

Should Christians VOTE?
Should believers become politically active to make the world better?

Forive AND forget?
Should sins be forgiven but not forgotten?

The Bible

The Nazarite Vow
Was Jesus Christ a Nazarite from birth?

How are the gospels different?
Why are there only FOUR gospels?

Old Testament preservation
How was the Old Testament preserved since Adam?

Is the Old Testament accurate?
Which world empires and peoples did the Old Testament predict would fall?

Should the word of God matter?
Do Christian sins refute what the Bible teaches? Do all religions lead to God?

God's Feast Days

God's Annual Feast Days
How do the annual Feast days picture God's plan for man's eternity?

Should we observe the New Moons?
Should Christians do something special when the new moon occurs?

Biblical Calendar Program
Access our FREE online calendar program!

The Hebrew Calendar
Discover the names of Hebrew months and dates for God's Feast Days.

Jesus' Calendar
What calendar did Jesus use to keep Passover?


Signs of a TRUE cult!
Could you be in a cult-like church and not know it?

Black Magic
Who, in Scripture, practiced the "evil arts?"



Who are the Maccabees?
What pivotal role did the Maccabees play in the history of the Jews?

New Testament High Priests
Who were the High Priests in the New Testament? Why did they frequently change?

Overview of New Testament Religious Groups
Who were the Scribes, Pharisees and others who interacted with Jesus?

The REAL Jesus
What was the REAL Jesus like?

Who are the Palestinians?
Where did the Palestinians come from? How can Middle East turmoil been avoided?

The Jerusalem Conference
How was Christianity forever changed because of this first century meeting?

The Church

How to Start a Church
How can you start a local church, set up church services and operate a local evangelistic campaign?

Religious Titles
What did Jesus teach about religious titles? How should believers refer to one another?

Qualities of a Christian leader
What two qualities are vital for a Christian leader to have?

Signs of a SICK church!
How can you tell if the church you attend is sick?

How should a church be lead?
Does God give leaders full authority over his people?

Speaking in Tongues
Is someone who speaks in tongues a mature believer?


Who was the High Priest?
What makes the temple's High Priest unique?

The Red Heifer
Why is this special animal needed at Jerusalem's temple?

Priests at the Temple
What were the twenty-four sources of priestly income?

A View of the Temple
What makes Jerusalem and the temple special to both God and Man?

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