Lost Tribes of Israel

Where are the LOST tribes of Israel today? Think about the following. Why would God bless and allow the United States and the British Commonwealth (as it used to be called) to become the two greatest nations the world has ever known yet say absolutely NOTHING about them in the Bible? As we draw ever closer to the return of Jesus Christ, does it make any prophetic sense that the United States, which is still the world's only viable superpower, would be totally ABSENT from fulfilling any of God's end time prophecies?

The reason why most people cannot understand Bible prophecy and God’s plan of salvation is that they do not know the identity of modern Israel. Because the vast majority of Christians simply do not know where the descendants of the lost tribes live today they are clueless regarding even a basic framework of the events to transpire in the very near future.

Most of God’s promises contained in the Old Testament refer to Israelite descendants. He has also made some promises to Gentile nations, but the vast majority of them involve the children of Israel. The two sons of Joseph, Ephraim, and Manasseh, who were born in Egypt when Joseph ruled there under the Pharaoh, have received most of the physical blessings that God promised. The other English speaking nations have also received physical blessings, but nowhere near as much as the United States and British Commonwealth.

Below is a list of the major countries where Israelites migrated to after their captivity. Although this information is based on historical and linguistic evidence, not all migrations are known with absolute certainty. Research indicates that those descended from Jacob are among the world's wealthiest nations and occupy the world's choicest land. God will make very sure these nations have the good news message of the Kingdom proclaimed to them before the return of Jesus.

Location of the
descendants of Israel

Tribal Name
Likely Country Identity
Republic of South Africa
(one of Joseph's two sons)
United Kingdom
(one of Joseph's two sons)
The United States
Primarily modern nation of Israel
(the Jews) but also scattered among
other nations descended from Jacob
Living among the various nations
descended from Jacob
Living among the various tribes
descended from Jacob
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