What does the Bible
say about Evolution?

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QUESTION: Does the Bible say anything about Evolution?

ANSWER: Scripture itself does not discuss any theories related to evolution. It does, however, bear record of creation through a Supreme Being. This is not to say a minor amount of evolving could not have occurred since creation (known as microevolution). Changes below the "family" taxonomic level (such as genus or species) could be perfectly compatible with the Bible, since it only talks about God creating "kinds" (see Genesis 1:21, 24). The Hebrew word translated "kinds" need not be equated with the term "species" commonly used in evolutionary theories.

You might have, however, a bigger question in mind, such as whether this theory is compatible with the account of creation found in the Bible or whether scientific creationism is at all rational. The overall system of evolution, of "mono-cell to man," is incompatible with the creation account found in the book of Genesis. It involves ignoring and manipulating the text much too much to be plausible. Would we interpret any other book so unilaterally when the story of creation is told very matter-of-fact in Genesis chapters 1 and 2?

The first two chapters are not a poetic area of Scripture except for possibly verse 23 of chapter 2. Would we interpret the daily newspaper or a marketing textbook as loosely as many interpret Genesis? If God is almighty, He could have created the universe in a split second, let alone six days, if He wished to. This fact is the exact opposite of the endless amount of time some say is needed for creation and gradual change to occur.

The apostle Paul gives his close friend and fellow evangelist an interesting warning in the book of 1Timothy.

20. O Timothy, guard the doctrine which has been entrusted to you, avoiding profane, empty babblings, and contradictions of false knowledge that is called science (1Timothy 6:20, Holy Bible - a Faithful Version)

Paul warns Timothy to avoid contradictory arguments that claim to represent scientific truth but instead are nothing more than a lie. Scripture does not discuss evolution or things evolving (in the modern sense of the word) simply because it is "false knowledge." Such theories represent the "empty babblings" of humans who deceivingly wish (as Satan wanted - see Isaiah 14:13 - 14) to replace the true God with THEMSELVES.

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If you are interested in reading books that rationally make the case against evolution from the perspective of the Bible, consider reading one or more of the following. The books listed below are by men with doctorates or other good scientific or scholarly credentials.

One good book to study is "What is Creation Science?" by Henry Morris and Gary Parker. It discusses how most scientific research better fits the idea of creation by design than any evolutionary theories. The book "Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds" by Phillip Johnson is another good read. The author discusses how faulty analogies and the poor logic of arguing that all things evolved can be spotted and exposed. He also gives tips on how a person can debate with a hardened atheist.

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis by Michael Denton is a decent book by someone who, although he is an agnostic, is extremely skeptical of the typical evidence brought forth to "prove" the theory. Lastly, Josh McDowell's book, "More than a Carpenter," might be of interest if you want to look at the evidence favoring belief in the Bible.

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