Apologetic Books

Christian apologetics is the body of knowledge that defends the philosophical, historical and doctrinal truth of Christianity against attacks by others. Apologetics attempts to respond using rational and logical arguments rather than faith alone.
A Zeal For God Not According to KnowledgeA Zeal For God Not According to Knowledge
Are Jewish arguments against the teaching that Jesus is the Messiah correct? Is Christ an imposter? Is the New Testament historically reliable? This book, utilizing solid scholarship and rigorous logic, defends Christianity against its Jewish critics.
The Biblical Basis for Modern Science Biblical Basis for Modern Science
What is God's wisdom regarding the meaning and purpose of real science? What does the Bible reveal should be the basic principles of science? What does it have to say about historical matters?
Many Infallible Proofs: Evidences for the Christian FaithMany Infallible Proofs: Evidences for the Christian Faith
Can Christianity be proven? What has been the impact of God's word on the world? This book, by Henry Morris, shines light on little known truths of the faith and strengthens believers through the Scriptures.

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?
F. F. Bruce presents the evidence for the historical trustworthiness of the Christian Scriptures. This new larger format features a new cover design and is completely retypeset.
The Gospel and the GreeksThe Gospel and the Greeks
Did the New Testament borrow from the pagans? Was Christianity merely an outgrowth of Greek philosophy? Did it borrow some of its essential beliefs from ancient mystery religions? How much influence did Gnostic or Hellenistic teachings have on early Christianity?
Christian ApologeticsChristian Apologetics
Apologist Norman Geisler offers readers a systematic approach to understanding major worldviews and presents both the reasons and the methods for defending the claims of Christianity. Topics covered include deism, Jesus' authority, and the inspiration of the Bible.

Mere ChristianityMere Christianity
Do all humans possess a basic set of moral rules that define right and wrong? What is the root cause of evil? Are believers called to love others even if they dislike them? A classic of Christian apologetics, this book by C. S. Lewis is a well-written defense of the Christian faith.
The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict New Evidence that Demands a Verdict
Is Christianity a hoax? Can the Bible be trusted? Is there any historical evidence on Jesus' claim that He was God? Do real miracles exist? This easy-to-read book is a comprehensive defense of the belief that Jesus is man's Savior.
Darwin on TrialDarwin on Trial
Does the fossil record support the presumed existence of intermediate links between species? Can natural selection produce new species? Do recent molecular studies confirm or refute the existence of common ancestors for different species?

Alleged Contradictions

Alleged Discrepancies of the BibleAlleged Discrepancies of the Bible
This book explains questionable passages, helps answer those who are skeptic, and contains valuable resource material. The author lifts the mystery surrounding the supposed contradictions in the Bible and sheds new light on confusing passages.
New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties
The seeming contradictions and inconsistencies of Scripture can be explained and do have sound answers. Discover the answers to the most troublessome questions!

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