Who IS God?
What is the Bible's CENTRAL theme?

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Question: Who or what is God? What is central theme of the entire Bible?

Answer: Your question about who is God and the Bible's theme, although they seem simple enough, are actually difficult to answer since summaries aren't always 100% accurate because qualifiers get omitted.  That said, let's tackle your first question about our Creator.

The English word God comes from the Hebrew Elohim (Strong's Concordance #H430). This word is a noun denoting plurality (the word represents more than one of something). God is a personal, all-powerful, all-knowing, eternal, loving, spirit-composed family (NOT a closed Trinity like so many falsely teach) who created everything that exists.

What we know as the Godhead is actually composed of two spirit Beings: God (the Father) and Jesus Christ. See John 10:30 - 31, 33, 17:20 - 23 and 1John 3:1 - 2.

The Being believers refer to as Father is composed entirely of Spirit and gloriously reigns over all that exists as a Sovereign Divine Ruler. His perfect and loving will is accomplished through the power of His Holy Spirit (the Spirit is His power, not a separate Being). He possess all authority and is omnipotent (all powerful). God, who has boundless grace and mercy, is also the very definition of love. His existence is governed by his holy and righteous character. Although He is greater than Jesus, he willingly shares everything with his firstborn Son. Jesus was sent by the Father to manifest His love for the world and to reveal His great and glorious plan for man.

The Being who became Jesus, before his birth, was (and is) God and existed for all eternity with the Father. All things that exist were created through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the God of the Old Testament Who was the Lord and Lawgiver and is revealed in the Gospels and the entire New Testament as the Word of God. Christ, in order to become the perfect sacrifice for sin and the Messiah who saves mankind, of his own choice willingly set side His power and glorious existence as Deity to become a flesh and blood human being. He offered himself, through the cross, as the perfect atonement for man's sins.

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The Bible, all 1,189 chapters, is our Creator's special ''User Manual' or instruction book made for human beings (his greatest creation). It's central theme is to delineate how humans can operate and live happily in this life with both the Beings that made them and their fellow human beings. This manual for mankind also shows humans how they can live forever AFTER death by revealing specifically how they should obey and have faith in the One who created them.  The Bible reveals how God is reaching down to humanity, through Jesus Christ, to reconcile them to Himself and redeem them from sin and spiritual ignorance so that they can have a perfect loving relationship with him and others FOREVER.
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