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The following terms and conditions on this Web page shall be deemed incorporated into any ad agreement between (hereafter known as "the site") and the Advertiser. Ad quote requests by potential advertisers and/or placement of ad(s) on the site affirms Advertiser has read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions on this Web page.

Ad Dimension, File Sizes

Banner ads, which must be advertiser-created, should be 460 by 60 pixels in physical size and must be less than 15,000 bytes in total file size. They should be in GIF or JPG file format and can be animated. Button ads, which also must be advertiser-created, should be 120 by 60 pixels in physical size and must be less than 6,000 bytes in total file size. They, like banners, should be in GIF/JPG format and can be animated.

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Text-based ads are placed in their own unique ad box. They are 65 total characters or less in length (including spaces, etc.) and can have a border or background color added if you wish. You can supply your own ad text or have the site offer suggestions.

The site is willing to work with potential advertisers on ad formats, sizes and options different from what is mentioned above. Please Email us your proposal and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ad Rotation / Ad Location

Unlike many other sites, ads are NOT rotated with other ads in the same ad space. Text-based Ads are placed in their own ad box. The exact size of the ad box, size of ad text within the box, and the exact positioning of an advertiser's ad within a Web page(s) (unless otherwise agreed to) are determined soley by the site and at the site's discretion may change at any time. Examples of text-based ads can be found on the site's main page.

Ad locations on any site page(s) are available on a first commitment to purchase ad space basis. The site reserves the right to make changes to any pages that contain ads that may or may not move an advertiser's ad(s) to a different location within the page it is on.

Ad Quotes

Ad fees stated in Emailed quotes are guaranteed for only seven (7) calendar days from Email's sent date. Ad locations stated in Emailed ad quotes, unless otherwise stated, are not guaranteed.

Ad Approval

All ads must be reviewed and approved before going live on the site. The Site reserves the right to, at any time, reject or cancel any ad space purchased, including those that may subject the Site to criminal, civil or other liabilities. All decisions made by the site regarding or related to site advertising are final.

Ad Guarantees will competitively match the advertising fees found on any similarly popular Christian or Bible-based Web site for the same quality ad locations and ad formats. Additionally, the site may, from time to time, GUARANTEE an advertiser receives (for those purchasing ad space based on a fixed monthly fee) a minimum number of views per thirty-day period. If, for whatever reason, the ad is not viewed the average number of times promised by the site, it will stay on the site FREE until it reaches the average.

Ad Pricing / Ad Performance

Ad fees are either based on a flat monthly rate or on a pay-per-click basis. Pay-per-click advertisers will be given access, during the duration of their ad term, to the site's ad tracking software to guage the number of clicks they receive per day.

Please note that the ad performance reported to advertisers who purchase space, based on a fixed monthly rate, is based on the total number of times the Web page(s) an advertiser's ad(s) are located on are served to site visitors (ad impressions).

Definition of Ad Month

Ad space is offered per thirty (30) calendar days (ad month). Advertisers can request their ad(s) be placed immediately on the site or on any calendar day within ten (10) days of finalized ad agreement.

Purchase of Multiple Ad Terms

Advance purchase of ad space is limited to no more than six consecutive ad months (180 days) of ad space.

Ad Removal

The site reserves the right to REMOVE all ad(s) by an advertiser, without notice, if ad payment is not RECEIVED by the site within Five (5) Calendar Days of the beginning of an ad term. The site also reserves the right to remove all ads by an advertiser if ad fee paid by check or charge is delayed or otherwise cannot be credited to our account in a timely manner.

Ad space(s) of ad(s) removed from the site will, at site's discretion, become immediately available for purchase by the public. Ad location(s) on the site are NOT guaranteed to or reserved for advertisers whose ads are removed due to payment or other issues.

Notice of End of Ad Term

Advance notice of the end of a particular ad term is Emailed to advertisers. The site reserves the right to remove all live ads by an advertiser if they do not notify the site via Email, before their ad term ends, of their intention to purchase additional ad term(s). The site does not guarantee the availability of an advertiser's previously purchased ad location(s) if they decide, after an ad term has ended, to purchase ad space.


All ad spaces will be billed via Email. Ad fees for purchases of space, based on a flat fee, must be received by the site within (5) Calendar Days after the start of an ad term. Advertisers who choose to pay based on clicks will be billed based upon a mutually agreed method (either paying an amount up front or billed after clicks received).

Payment for all ad space must be in U.S. dollars. The site reserves the right to pro-rate an advertiser's ad term if only partial payment is received. All ad fees are non-refundable.

Ad payments (or donations in support of can be made through the site's donation page. The site uses PAYPAL to process all its payments. Payments or donations can also be made by check or money order, made out to, and sent to the following address:
PO Box 3393
Farmington Hills, MI. 48333, USA

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