Advertising Guidelines and Terms

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The following terms and conditions on this Web page shall be deemed incorporated into any ad agreement between (hereafter known as "the site") and the Advertiser. Ad quote requests by potential advertisers and/or placement of ad(s) on the site affirms Advertiser has read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions on this Web page.

Ad Dimension, File Sizes

All ads must be created by the advertiser as the site does not create banner ads. Ads must be provided in both 468 by 60 pixel and 380 by 100 pixel sizes. Each individual ad file must be 20K in file size or smaller. The ad files can be in either GIF or JPG file format and can be animated.

Ad Impressions

Ads on are priced based on ad impressions (ad views). An ad impression (view) is counted when the web page on which the ad is located loads in a user's browser (page views).

Ad Rotation / Ad Location

Ads are NOT rotated with other ads in the same ad space.

Ad locations are available on a first come, first to commit to purchasing an ad space basis.

Ad Quotes

Ad fees stated in Emailed quotes are guaranteed for only five (5) calendar days from Email's sent date.

Ad Approval

All ads must be reviewed and approved before going live on the site. The Site reserves the right to reject the purchase of ad space for any reason. Additionally, at any time, the site reserves the right to cancel any ad space purchased that may subject the Site to criminal, civil or other liabilities. All decisions made by the site regarding or related to site advertising are final.

Definition of Ad Month

Ad space is offered on a per calendar month basis. Ads placed on the site after the start of a calendar month will be charged a pro-rated amount for that month.

Purchase of Multiple Ad Terms

Advance purchase of ad space is limited to no more than six consecutive ad months (180 days) of ad space.

Low Price Guarantee

Advertiser must provide URL (Web address) of Bible-based site that it claims has a lower ad fee for the same number of ad impressions and ad locations as The site reserves the right to solely determine whether or not another site qualifies for its low price guarantee.

Ad Billing and Renewal

Payment for all ad space must be in U.S. dollars. The site reserves the right to pro-rate an advertiser's ad term if only partial payment is received. All ad fees are non-refundable.

Ad payments can be made through the site's donation page. The site uses PAYPAL to process all its payments. Other ad payment methods may be available on a per advertiser basis.

Advertisers will be Emailed several days in advance of the end of an ad term. Unless other arrangements are agreed upon, ad fees must be received by the site within three (3) calendar days of the start of a new ad term.

Ad Removal

The site reserves the right to remove any and all ad(s) by an advertiser, without notice, if ad payment is not received by the site within three (3) calendar days of the start of an ad term.

The site additionally does not guarantee the availability of an advertiser's previously purchased ad location(s) once their ads are removed from the site. Ad space(s) of ad(s) removed from the site will, at site's discretion, become immediately available for purchase by the public.

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