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The movement known as the Word of Faith, and its teachings, are promoted by radical elements in the greater Charismatic movement, although not all Charismatics accept the divergent doctrines. Teachers of the Word of Faith have (at least recently) become highly recognized spokespeople of the overall Charismatic ideology.

´╗┐Teachers and ministers in the Word of Faith movement promote an attractive but deceptive concept labeled by some as the 'Prosperity Gospel.' This idea insists that the death and resurrection of Jesus does not just provide eternal salvation.

Those who adhere to the word of faith concept lay claim that God's word promises Christians good health and unlimited wealth. They believe that if a Christians becomes sick or poor it is because they lack the knowledge to 'appropriate' promises to themselves.

The way to great health and prosperity, it is taught, is by their speaking or confessing their belief in what they feel are ironclad promises from God. This profession, according to Word of Faith teachings, binds God to fulfill his promise and puts him under the control of a human who speaks in faith.

Those who believe in this faith movement feel that prayer to God, which asks for something, is unnecessary. Adherents are taught never to end their petitions to God with 'If it be your will, Father.' Such a prayer, it is believed, shows not only a lack of faith but also a lack of studying the Bible enough to know all of God's promises.

Christians are encouraged to search the scriptures to discover what God's "unconditional promises" are and to confess verbally that the blessings they want can now be theirs for the taking.

A typical saying those who adhere to the 'word of faith' teachings are supposed to memorize is "What I confess, I possess." A related catch phrase used in the movement's books is "confession brings possession." Some of those who are critical of the movement refer to the primary doctrine they believe as "name it and claim it."

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