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32 A.D.

Stephen, whose Grecian name means "crown," becomes the first martyr for Jesus (Acts 6 - 7). Stephen was one of the first "deacons" or leaders in the early New Testament church (Acts 6:1 - 6).

Saul (Paul) is an official witnesses of Stephen's death, after which he leads persecution against believers of Christ (Acts 8:1 - 4).

Map location #1
33 A.D.

Saul receives written permission from the High Priest to search in Damascus' synagogues for those who believe Jesus is the Messiah. His mission is to arrest Christians then bring them to Jerusalem for trial (Acts 9:1 - 2). Accompanied by a few others he travels to the city of Damascus. As he draws near the city a bright light appears (Acts 9:3 - 4). Jesus' booming voice then asks why Saul is persecuting him! (Acts 9:4).

´╗┐Saul, who has now be made blind, is taken to Damascus by those traveling with him. After a three-day period Jesus inspires Ananias to visit Saul and heal his blindness. Saul, after being healed, is baptized by Ananias and receives God's Holy Spirit (Acts 9:4 - 18).

Apostle Paul's Journeys after Conversion Map

He stays in Damascus and powerfully preaches the gospel. After learning of the plot against his life he flees the city at night by having Christians lower him down a gate wall using a basket! Once out of the city he travels to Arabia.

Map location #2
Spring 33 A.D. to Spring 36 A.D.

In Arabia, apostle Paul is personally taught by Jesus Christ for the span of 3 years. Paul does not discuss this event until he writes the book of Galatians in late Spring of 53 A.D.

Map location #3
Spring 36 A.D.

Paul goes back to Damascus in the Spring of the year (Galatians 1:17).

Map locations #4, #5, #6
Spring to Summer 36 A.D.

Paul travels to Jerusalem and stays fifteen days. Although he tries to get to know other converted people in Jerusalem, the brethren are suspicious of him and stay away (Acts 9:26). Barnabas, a disciple known for encouraging others, takes Paul to the apostles and personally vouches for his converted character (Acts 9:27).

Paul's preaching to Greek-speaking Jews infuriates some of them to the point where they seek to kill him (Acts 9:29). When the brethren learn about the threat they escort him to Caesarea and then send him back to his hometown of Tarsus (Acts 9:30).

Summer 36 A.D. to Summer 40 A.D.

Paul lives in Tarsus for 4 years.

Map location #7
Summer 40 A.D. to Summer 41 A.D.

Brethren scattered because of Paul's persecution (before his conversion) preach the Word of God to Jews as far away as Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch (Acts 11:19).

Some believers from Cyrene and Cyprus go to Syrian Antioch and begin talking to Grecians (non-Jews) about Jesus Christ. Their efforts are blessed and many become converted (Acts 11:20 - 21). Word of the gospel's success reaches Jerusalem. The church sends Barnabas to aid in ministering to the new converts. When he arrives in Antioch he encourages the brethren to continue to grow as believers (Acts 11:22 - 24).

Barnabas goes to Tarsus to get Paul's help with the new Antioch believers. They ultimately stay in the city for a year. It is in Antioch that believers in Jesus as the Messiah are called Christians (Acts 11:25 - 26).

Spring 42 A.D.

The prophet Agabus travels from Jerusalem to Antioch, where he predicts a famine will soon occur that will last 3 years (Acts 11:27 - 28). In response to the prophecy the disciples plant and prepare food and relief to send to the believers in Jerusalem (Acts 11:29).

Map locations #8, #9
Spring 44 A.D.

Food and relief are sent to Jerusalem by the hands of apostle Paul and Barnabas (Acts 11:30). After delivering relief they, along with John Mark, return to Antioch (Acts 12:25).

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