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There are several cities named Aphek in ancient Israel. This one is located east of the Sea of Galilee. God, near the city, gave evil King Ahab a decisive victory over Syrian King Benhadad. After Benhadad's remaining army retreats to Aphek, a wall miraculously falls on many of them killing an additional 27,000 troops (1Kings 20)!

Ashtaroth was the first of many cities Chedorlaomer and his allied forces conquered in the Bible's first wars (Genesis 14:5). The city was on a major north-south trading route called the King's Highway which Israel would later use.

Bethabara was one of the locations John the Baptist utilized to perform baptisms. It is the place where Jesus was baptized before being tempted by the devil for forty days (John 1:28 - 34).

Bethsaida was the home of Jesus' disciples Andrew, Peter, Philip (John 1:44; 12:21) and possibly James and John. It was near Bethsaida that Jesus miraculously fed 5,000 people (Luke 9:10) and healed a blind man (Mark 8:22).

Ancient Israel Cities East of Jordan River Map

Bezer was designated a Levitical city as well as one of Israel's six refuge cities (Deuteronomy 4:43, Joshua 20:8, 21:36).

Edrei was on a major north-south trading route known as the King's Highway.

The city of Gadara and its surrounding area are referred to as the Gadarenes. It was part of an area called the Decapolis. The Gadarenes was the place where Jesus confronted a man whose possession by demons gave him superhuman strength (Mark 5:3 - 5, Luke 8:27).

Golan was designated both a Levitical city and a place of refuge (Joshua 21:27).

Heshbon was a Levitical city. It was located on the major north-south route, east of the Jordan River, called the King's Highway.

Jabesh is also called Jabesh Gilead. It was in this city of Israel where all the inhabitants were killed, except 400 virgins, in order to provide wives for Benjamite men (Judges 21).

Jazer was designated a Levitical city (Numbers 32:1 - 3, Joshua 13:25, 21:39).

Karkor is where Gideon's army crushed the remnants of the Midianite army (Judges 8:10).

Mahanaim was a Levitical city. It was on the major north-south trading and military route called the King's Highway (Genesis 32:2, Joshua 13:26, 30, 21:38).

Penuel (Peniel)
Jacob, at Penuel, wrestled all night with a man who was a pre-incarnate manifestation of Jesus Christ (Genesis 32:24 - 31). Penuel, years later, was destroyed by Gideon, along with the city of Succoth, for their refusal to help him (Genesis 32:24 - 30, Judges 8).

Rabbah, which ultimately became the modern Jordanian capital of Amman, was on the King's Highway.

Ramoth-gilead was one of Israel's cities of refuge (Joshua 20:7, Deuteronomy 4:41 - 43). King Ahab died in battle near the city (1Kings 22). It is also the location where Elisha the prophet anointed Jehu the king of Israel (1Kings 22:29 - 36, 2Kings 9:1 - 6).

Salcah was one of the major cities controlled by Og, king of Bashan. He launched an attack on Moses and the Israelites when they came close to his kingdom. He was thoroughly routed, however, with his land confiscated and given to some of the tribes of Israel (Joshua 12:4 - 6).

Israel, led by Joshua, camped in Shittim (also called Abel-Shittim, Numbers 33:49) immediately before crossing the Jordan River and entering the western section of their inheritance (Numbers 25:1, Joshua 2:1, 3:1).

Gideon and his army of 300 men pursued the Midianites across the Jordan River. Once on the eastern side of the river he asks Succoth and Penuel for assistance. Both cities, however, refuse his request for aid. Gideon punishes the two towns for refusing to help their brethren after he crushes the remaining Midianites (Judges 8).

Zaphon was a city given to Israel's tribe of Gad as an inheritance in the Promised Land (Joshua 13:27).

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