Map of Ancient Israel

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Map of important ancient Israel cities
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Second city conquered by Joshua and the children of Israel as they entered the Promised Land (Joshua 7:2 - 5, 8:1 - 29).

City where the Philistines temporarily stored the Ark of the Covenant after they beat ancient Israel in battle (1Samuel 5).

A Philistine city where Samson slew thirty men (Judges 14:19).

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City named by Abraham, where he, Isaac and Jacob lived (Genesis 21:31, 22:19, 26:23, 28:10).

Mary, Martha, and Lazarus lived in village, place where Lazarus raised from the dead by Jesus (Luke10:38 - 41, John 11).

Jacob sees vision of a ladder and names city. The school of prophets was located in Bethel (Genesis 28:10 - 22, 2Kings 2:3).

Place where Jesus was born (Matthew 2).

City where Jesus' disciples Philip, Andrew and Peter lived and where Jesus healed a blind man (John 1:44, Mark 8:22 - 26).

Philip the evangelist, King Herod and Roman governor Felix lived in Caesarea. The apostle Paul spent more than two years in a Caesarea jail cell (Acts 8:40, 12:19 - 23, 23:23 - 24, 24, 25).

Place where Jesus, attending a wedding feast with his mother, performs his first public miracle which is turning water in wine (John 2:1 - 11).

Jesus lived in Capernaum during his entire public ministry. Four or five of his disciples also lived there (Matthew 4:13 - 16, 9:9, Mark 1:21 - 29).

Dan is considered the northern most border of Israel's kingdom.

David used location as a stronghold to evade capture by King Saul (1Samuel 23:29).

City of the Philistines where Goliath, and a race of giants, lived (Joshua 11:22, 1Samuel 6:17, 17:4).

City of the Philistines where Samson pushed on the main pillars of a pagan temple and killed himself along with several thousand Philistines (Judges 16:21 - 31).

Saul lived in Gibeah before becoming king. City where David retrieved the Ark of the Covenant to take to Jerusalem (1Samuel 7:1, 10:26, 2Samuel 22:6).

The first place, west of the Jordan river, that Joshua and the people camped at to prepare to take their inheritance in the Promised Land. Gilgal is also where Saul was made the first King over the Israelites (Joshua 4:19, 1Samuel 11:15).

Royal city of the Canaanites. City burnt to the ground and all inhabitants killed by Joshua (Joshua 11).

Abraham's wife Sarah died in Hebron. David crowned King in city (Genesis 23:2, 2Samuel 2:1 - 11, 5:1 - 5).

First city conquered by Israel entering the Promised Land. Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan is based on a man robbed and beaten as he traveled to Jericho (Deuteronomy 34:3, Joshua 6, Luke 10:30 - 37).

King David conquered the city, after which it was known as the city of David. He also moved the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. Was capital of a united kingdom under Kings David and Solomon. The place where Jesus was crucified, buried, resurrected and where the New Testament church started (1Chronicles 11, 2Samuel 6:12 - 19, 1Kings 3:1, Matthew 27 - 28, John 19 - 20, Acts 2).

Place of Gideon's battle with Midianites. Jezebel arranges murder of Jezreel vineyard owner so her husband King Ahab could own land. Jezebel and all the house of Ahab killed in city (Judges 6:33, 1Kings 21, 2Kings 10).

Chief seaport of Judea. Place where Peter raised Dorcas from the dead and had vision of sheet full of unclean animals (Acts 9:36 - 43, 10:9 - 18).

Abraham lived near city. The tribes of Israel camped near city after leaving Egyptian slavery. Location where Joshua defeated the Canaanites (Genesis 20:1, Numbers 13:26, Joshua 10:41).

Also known as Kedeshnaphtali. Barak, a judge, lived in city where he also gathered troops to battle the Canaanites led by Sisera (Joshua 12:22, Judges 4).

Canaanite city captured by Joshua. Amaziah, King of Judah, murdered in city (Joshua 10:31 - 32, 2Kings 14:19). Lachish was also the city King Sennacherib of Assyria was attacking, in 701 B.C., when he sent a huge force of 185,000 troops to Jerusalem. He did this in order to force King Hezekiah's unconditional surrender (see 2Kings 18).

In Mamre Abraham told by two men he will have a son in his old age then told by a third man of the impending destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 13:18, 18).

Megiddo, part of the valley of Jezreel, is the great battlefield of Israel. Egypt's army fought and killed Judah's King Josiah in Megiddo. Also called Armageddon, it is the general location of the final battle between good (Jesus at his second coming) and evil (Antichrist) (Revelation 16:12,14,16).

A city from which Samuel judged the Israelites and one of two places Saul declared King. Place the people met during great national emergencies (Judges 20:1 - 3, 1Samuel 7:5 - 16, 10:17 - 25).

In Nain Jesus miraculously resurrects the only son of a widow (Luke 7:11 - 17).

Jesus lived in Nazareth until he moved to Capernaum at the beginning of his ministry (Matthew 2:23).

Penuel (Peniel)
The place where Jacob wrestled all night with a man who was a pre-incarnate manifestation of Jesus, after which his name was changed to Israel. Years later the city and its men were destroyed by Gideon because they refused his request for help (Genesis 32:24 - 30, Judges 8).

Place where King Ahab died in battle and where Elisha the prophet anointed Jehu King (1Kings 22:29 - 36, 2Kings 9:1 - 6).

City was bought by King Omri. Became the capital of the northern ten tribes after the kingdom split up right after the death of Solomon (1Kings 16:24).

Jacob was buried in Shechem. The bones of Joseph, who died in Egypt, were taken to Shechem and buried (Genesis 50:13, Joshua 24:32).

Joshua moved the Ark of the Covenant, along with its tabernacle, to the city. The prophet Samuel, who was a Judge of ancient Israel, lived in the city (Joshua 18:1, 1Samuel 3:20 - 21).

In Sidon Elijah brings back to life the dead son of a widow. Near Sidon Jesus casts a demon out of a young women whose mother, a Gentile, begged him to help her (1Kings 5:6, 17:8 - 23, Ezra 3:7, Matthew 15:21 - 28).

First place God's people camped after leaving Rameses in Egypt (Exodus 12:37).

Place of residence for many of Israel's kings (1Kings 14:17, 15:21, 33, 16:6 - 24).

Wealthy city whose merchants were the first to navigate the Mediterranean sea. Tyre was attacked by Alexander the Great who killed all the men and sold the women and children into slavery (Isaiah 23:8, Zechariah 9:3).

Lot and his daughters fled to Zoar from Sodom in order to avoid its utter destruction by God (Genesis 19:20 - 23, 30).

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