Aegean Sea
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Aegean Sea
Bible Meaning: Not in the Bible

The Aegean Sea is only indirectly referenced in the New Testament as the waterway extensively used by the Apostle Paul.

Biblical cites on or having a water connection to the Aegean Sea includes Cenchrea, Thessalonica (located on the Thermaic Gulf), Neapolis, Troas, Assos, Ephesus, Miletus and Cnidus. Islands within this area include Samothrace, Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Patmos, Cos and Rhodes.

Paul, during his second, third and fourth missionary journeys, used the natural highway of this waterway several times.

Second Missionary Journey

Paul sailed from Troas, located on the eastern side of the sea, to Neapolis in Macedonia (Acts 16:11). His water crossing enabled the apostle to be the first person to establish Christian churches on the European continent.

Paul later sailed from a port near Berea to Athens (Acts 17:14 - 15) where he preached the gospel to the city's people and pagan philosophers.

Towards the end of his journey the apostle sails the Aegean from Cenchrea to Ephesus (Acts 18:18 - 19), then later uses part of it from Ephesus to his final destination in Judea (verses 21 - 22).

Map of Aegean Sea in the New Testament

Third Missionary Journey

Paul again uses the Aegean to sail from Troas to Neapolis. After visiting churches in Macedonia and Achaia he journeys by ship back to Troas (Acts 20:1, 5 - 6). After catching a ship in Assos he travels to Tyre in Syria (20:14 - 21:3).

Fourth Missionary Journey

Paul, as a prisoner of Rome, is taken on a ship past the Aegean Sea island of Rhodes and the port of Cnidus before heading south toward Crete due to the weather (Acts 27:6 - 7).

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