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Most popular women

Below are the ten most frequently mentioned women in the Bible and the number of times their names are used.

Sarah, Abraham's wife, 57
Rachel, Jacob's 2nd wife, 47
Leah, Jacob's first wife, 34
Rebekah, Isaac's wife, 31
Jezebel, wicked queen, 23
Mary, Jesus' mother, 19
Abigail, 15
Miriam, 15
Mary Magdalene, 14
Hagar, Abraham's concubine, 14
Eve, mentioned only 4 times

Note that Jesus' mother Mary is only listed 19 times!


Most popular men

Below are the ten most frequently mentioned men in the entire Bible and the number of times their names are used.

King David - 1,118 times,
Moses - 740 times,
Aaron - 339 times,
King Saul - 338 times,
Abraham - 306 times,
King Solomon - 295 times,
Jacob - 270 times,
Joseph - 208 times,
Joshua - 197 times,
Apostle Paul - 185 times

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