Bible Study Reference Books

Complete Book of Who's Who in the BibleWho's Who in the Bible
This book is a complete listing of people in the Bible with descriptions of their lives and accomplishments. It also contains information on hundreds of events in Christian history and their significance.
Complete Book of Bible ListsComplete Book of Bible Lists
Features several hundred interesting lists of scriptural facts. Each list is cross-referenced with Biblical verses and is laid out in an easy to read format.
New Manners and Customs of Bible TimesNew Manners, Customs of Bible Times
Understanding the Bible demands a working knowledge of the historical and cultural context from which it came. This reference book contains colorful photography, artwork, maps, diagrams, and charts. Additionally, there are scripture and topical indexes for quick fact checking.

Complete Book of Bible TriviaComplete Book of Bible Trivia
This trivia collection contains interesting information on a variety of Biblically-based topics such as miracles, the nature of God, angels, the end time and many others.
Calendrical Calculations Calendrical Calculations: The Ultimate Edition
This is an excellent reference explaining, in detail, the basis for the Bible's Hebrew calendar. Other calendar systems, such as the Gregorian, Julian, Islamic and others are also covered. This work was the basis of's research that resulted in the creation of the online Biblical Holy Day calendar found on the Truth of God site.


Life and Times of Jesus the MessiahLife, Times of Jesus the Messiah
One of the best references on the life of Christ. This book provides a vast storehouse of New Testament background information. It offers info on the streets, marketplaces, religious conflicts, people and places related to Jesus' ministry.
The Temples that Jerusalem ForgotThe Temples that Jerusalem Forgot
Is Jerusalem's temple mount area, with the Wailing Wall as part of its western boundary, the place where Solomon built God's temple? This fascinating book offers evidence showing that the temple was not constructed where most believe it was but rather a short distance to the south in an area known as Ophel.
The End from the BeginningThe End from the Beginning: The Origin of Western Civilization
How was western society planned and implemented by the infinite mind of God? What does the Bible say about God's hand in creating the world we live in today?
Foxe's Book of MartyrsFoxe's Book of Martyrs
Who were the first people who suffered persecution and death rather than renounce their belief in Jesus? How many of Jesus' twelve disciples suffered the death of a martyr? Learn about the fascinating histories of those who died for their faith.

Harmony of Samuel, Kings, and ChroniclesHarmony of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles
Written by William Day Crockett, this work chronologically harmonizes the Biblical historial books of 1 and 2Samuel, 1 and 2Kings, and 1 and 2Chronicles.
The Two BabylonsThe Two Babylons
Where did the Catholic Church get its traditions, customs and beliefs? Where did the church get its devotion to worshipping Mary like a god? Where did common holiday symbols like eggs and rabbits (Easter) or evergreen trees and wreaths (Christmas) originate? Where did the Pope get his exalted title of Pontiff?
Antiquities of the JewsAntiquities of the Jews
Written by first century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, this book is a fascinating account of the history of Jews up to the time of the Roman Empire. This reference work contains the earliest known Jewish source citing the existence of Jesus.
Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew KingsMysterious Numbers of Hebrew Kings
When did the kings of Israel and Judah rule over God's people? What were their interactions with each other and with world empires like the Assyrians and Babylonians? This excellent reference book provides a clear chronology of rulers from the time a united Israel split in two to the time each one went into captivity.
Eusebius: The Church HistoryEusebius: The Church History
Eusebius was the first to trace the rise of Christianity from the time of Jesus to Constantine. This book presents the history of early Christianity with the help of numerous maps, illustrations, and photographs.

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