Biblical Commentaries

Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown's CommentaryJamieson, Fausset, Brown's Commentary
JFB's commentary includes introductions to each book of the Bible and extensive cross-referencing throughout the text to help study related Bible verses.
Albert Barnes Notes on the BibleAlbert Barnes Notes on the Bible
A treasure trove of good Bible study material including content for sermons. Offers verse by verse commentary on the entire New Testament.
Willmington's Guide to the BibleWillmington's Guide to the Bible
Wilmington's includes sections dedicated to individual characters, parables and miracles within Scripture, and an overview of Biblical history.

Jewish New Testament CommentaryJewish New Testament Commentary
Written by a Messianic Jew living in Jerusalem, this commentary offers an understanding of the New Testament from a Jewish point of view. The relationship between New and Old Testament texts is discussed as well as the New's relationship with rabbinic materials.
Harmony of the Gospels in Modern EnglishHarmony of Gospels in Modern English
An easy-to-understand account of the life of Christ that centers around Jesus' keeping of God's annual Feast days of worship. Includes topical and Biblical indices as well as commentaries and charts on a variety of topics.
Holman Bible HandbookHolman Bible Handbook
This commentary includes articles and outlines from a variety of scholars. It also contains color photos, charts, map, illustrations and sections on the historical background of the text.

Matthew Henry's CommentaryMatthew Henry's Commentary
Matt Henry's comments on Scripture in a straightforward manner. It also explains the various metaphors, analogies, and illustrations used throught the Biblical text.
Expositor's Bible CommentaryExpositor's Bible Commentary
This two-volume abridged edition offers a verse-by-verse commentary on the entire Bible. It comes with 250 charts, tables, pictures and maps illustrating the Biblical text.
Adam Clarke's CommentaryAdam Clarke's Commentary
Invaluable guide to God's word for pastors and students. This study guide is respected for its thorough scholarship that transcends even the broadest spectrum of theological barriers and differences.
Treasury of DavidTreasury of David
Written by C. H. Spurgeon, The Treasury of David offers insight and commentary on all 150 Biblical Psalms.

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