Prophetic Empires Timeline
Charlemagne to the Beast Power

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This is part two of our Bible timeline that discusses prophetic world empires. This part begins with the crowning of Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans by the Pope in 800 A.D. It ends with the Beast Power, led and controlled by Satan the devil, which will be manifested before the return of Jesus.

Charlemagne - 800 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Fifth of ten horns related to Rome's empire (Daniel 7:24)
Second of seven heads of Beast (Rev. 17:1 - 6)

Charlemagne (Charles the Great), crowned by the Pope, was the first Roman Emperor in Western Europe since the fall of the empire in 476 A.D.

Charlemagne was king of the Franks (starting in 768 A.D.) and the Lombards (starting in 774 A.D.) before becoming Emperor. Pope Leo III, in 799 A.D., was mistreated by the Romans who tried to put out his eyes and tear out his tongue. After escaping and fleeing to Charlemagne the Pope requested his position be restored. Charlemagne traveled to Rome and entered the city with the Pope in November 800 A.D. A synod was held December 1 and the charges against Leo pronounced false.

On Christmas Day in 800, during Mass, the Pope crowned Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans. This was the first time in history a Pope crowned a Roman Emperor. Charlemagne became the papacy's chief protector. He would ultimately unite most of Christian Europe under his rule.

Otto the Great - 962 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Sixth of ten horns (Daniel 7:24)
Third of seven heads of Beast (Rev. 17:1 - 6)

Otto the Great, in Rome in 962 A.D., was crowned the first "Holy" Roman Emperor by the Pope.

Otto the Great was king of Germany and Duke of Saxony (starting in 936) and king of Italy (starting in 961) before becoming Emperor. He is considered the founder of the Holy Roman Empire.

Otto considered himself the protector of the Church in part due to his belief he had the "divine right" to rule. He strengthened, during his reign, ecclesiastical authorities such as bishops and abbots at the expense of the secular nobility.

Charles V - 1530 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Seventh of ten horns (Daniel 7:24)
Fourth of seven heads of Beast (Rev. 17:1 - 6)

Charles was the last Holy Roman Emperor to be crowned by the Pope.

Charles was also Lord of the Netherlands (starting in 1506) and the first king of Spain (starting in 1516). He was of the house of Hapsburg, who produced all the formally elected Holy Roman Emperors from 1438 to 1740 A.D. Charles ruled as Emperor from 1519 to 1556. It was during his reign that the Hapsburg Dynasty, for the first and only time, achieved the status of a true world empire.

Charles is best known for his role in opposing the Protestant Reformation. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits), formed initially to peacefully combat Protestantism, was started during his reign.

Portrait of Napoleon
Portrait of Napoleon
Andrea Appiani, c. 1805

Napoleon I (Bonaparte) - 1805 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Eighth of ten horns (Daniel 7:24)
Fifth of seven heads of Beast (Rev. 17:1 - 6)

Napoleon was crowned King of Italy by the Pope in 1805, a title that he held until 1814 A.D.

In 1806, the Holy Roman Empire formally dissolved when the last Emperor abdicated following his defeat at the hands of Napoleon and the French. Napoleon reorganized most of the empire into the Confederation of the Rhine, which eventually was composed of 9 kings and 28 princes. The confederation collapsed in 1813 after Napoleon's failed attempt to conquer Russia.

Otto von Bismarck - 1871 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Ninth of ten horns (Daniel 7:24)
Sixth of seven heads of Beast (Rev. 17:1 - 6)
The 'one is' king that will come after five have fallen (Rev. 17:10)

The five kings / kingdoms that fell before Bismarck's rule were Justinian, Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Charles V and Napoleon. After a series of short wars, Otto was able in 1871 to unify numerous German states into a powerful Empire. He was the first Imperial Chancellor of the Empire from 1871 to 1890.

Otto created a "balance of power" in Europe that preserved the peace in the region from 1871 until 1914 (World War I).

Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler - 1929 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Tenth of ten horns (Daniel 7:24)
Seventh of seven heads of Beast (Rev. 17:1 - 6)
The 'other that has not yet come' king (Rev. 17:10)

Represents the European empire (kingdom) created by Hitler and Mussolini. In 1938, it became one of the wealthiest empires (by size of GDP) in modern times.

Mussolini was Prime Minister of Italy from 1922 to 1943. Hitler was Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945.

The Lateran treaties, In 1929, were signed by Mussolini and the Vatican. The treaties established the independence of Vatican City within Italy and granted Roman Catholicism special status in Italy. The treaties also included a legal provision whereby the Italian government would protect the honor and dignity of the Pope by prosecuting offenders.

The term "Third Reich," meaning the third German empire, is often used to refer to Germany during its years under Nazi control. The Nazis considered the first Reich to be the Holy Roman Empire from 962 to 1806 A.D., and the second Reich to be the German Empire from 1871 to 1918 A.D.

Final World Empire / Government
The Beast Power

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Ten Toes of iron, clay destroyed by God's kingdom (Daniel 2:41 - 44).

King that will kill Christians and fight Jesus (Daniel 8:23 - 25).

Beast with seven heads, ten horns who rules earth (Rev. 13:1 - 8).

Beast with two horns like lamb but speaks like dragon (Rev. 13:11).

Eighth head that is Beast "that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth" (Rev. 17:11).

Ten horns (kings) that will give their power to Beast (Rev. 17:12 - 14)

The full meaning of these prophecies has yet to occur.

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