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This volume, the fifth in the God and Man series, is entitled God's Strange Plan.

Throughout history people have tried to understand just what the human experience is all about. Why are we here? Is there a Creator God behind it all? And, if so, just what is God doing? Life can be hard. Because of this, many people have rejected the very idea of God. Said another way, there is a lot of tragedy in the human experience.

In this book your author coined a phrase "the tragedy of being." This book has explanations for the current times we live in and a credible explanation for The Tragedy of Being in a defense of God. There is also a chapter on why "the left" cannot deliver and a chapter on why "the right" cannot do it either!

God’s Strange Plan is explained in detail and the results are surprising. Not only does "the tragedy of being" serve a purpose, it turns out that it is not too late to reconcile with God, even for people long since dead. And there is a very happy ending to the story. God’s Strange Plan will work … and Satan and evil men will not be able to stop it!

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