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God And Man - Volume 1
Divine Individualism
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Why were you born? Why do you look the way you do? God gave us a tremendous honor by making us after his image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). WHY did he do this? What should being in the likeness of our Creator teach us? How will understanding the mystery of our appearance help lead us toward our eternal destiny?

Creating Characters with Character

Is God a master novelist? How is God creating characters with character? Why is he doing this? How is God using evil to produce the greatest good?

Values, Choices, Consequences

What are God's values? What is the root cause of man's most grinding problems? Are our difficulties mostly Self-inflicted? Do humans need rebuilding? What are three aspects of a good character? What is God's great purpose for man?

Go to the Healer

We're all broken. The question is, can we be fixed? Every human needs to be healed in one way or another. Learn about the one Healer who can make everything better.

Fixer-Upper People

What kind of person do you want to be? What is the path to becoming a better person? What strategies can be used to help reach this lofty goal?

Freedom and
Christian Responsibility

Why did God create us to be free? God has given all humans the freedom to choose. Yet freedom without responsibility is chaos. How are these ideas linked together?

What Now?

What should believers do to prepare for the coming storm? Can we anchor our faith while the world crumbles around us? Is obtaining divine favor the way out of our problems? How do we obtain it?

Divine Individualism

What is the purpose and value of human life? How can you cooperate with God to unlock your priceless eternal potential?

God And Man - Volume 2
Why Your Life is Hard
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Volume 2 Books

The Source of Evil

What is the source of all evil? Will it exist forever? How has evil increased in the world? How will God ultimately use it for the good of the entire universe?

Water Miracles in Bible

Why are there so many water-related miracles in the Bible? What is the Biblical symbolism of water? What is the central truth God wants us to learn from such symbolism?

Intellectual Warfare

How has Intellectual Warfare been waged against mankind? How has man's thinking become corrupted? What affect does corrupt thinking have on the world and in our lives?

Why There Is No Justice:
The Corruption of Law

What is the cause of societal conflict and the seemingly widespread lack of justice? What is the purpose of laws and government? How does the upholding of righteous justice lead to peace and prosperity for all?

Economic Fallacies
vs. Rational Thought

Are there economic laws? If so, can they be ignored? Can personal and political wishes keep economic laws from operating? What are the key concepts behind a rational economic system?

Why Job Suffered
The Real Story

What is the real reason behind Job's suffering? Why did Job suffer so much? The most common modern explanation is that Job was self-righteous and so he needed to be corrected. This superficial explanation misses the true reason Job suffered.

The Matthew 18
Paradox Solved!

Why is the solution to this paradox so important? The Bible commands believers to grow and mature. Yet, in Matthew 18, Jesus Christ directs us to become as little children. What is the solution to this seeming contradiction?

Divine Evidence

What are two divine pieces of evidence of a great future promise? Most people would like to be both happy and live forever. Yet, pain and suffering take the joy out of life. Loses due to death seems so permanent. What evidence does the Bible offer for hope beyond the grave?

God And Man - Volume 3
Life Charts
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Life Charts

Traveling on a spiritually and intellectually barren road? Do you feel your life wanders without a destination? Discover how "Life Charts" can provide you with directions on how to achieve your goals and live abundantly!

God And Man - Volume 4
Decision Filters
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Decision Filters

How can you choose to be happy? How can you get the most out of life? Learn how to maximize the good and filter out the bad! Decision filters are easy-to-use tools designed to help men and women make better, more constructive decisions.

God And Man - Volume 5
God’s Strange Plan
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God's Strange Plan

Throughout history people have tried to understand just what the human experience is all about. Why are we here? Is there a Creator God behind it all? And, if so, just what is God doing?

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