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This volume, the third in the God and Man series, is entitled Life Charts. It explains the context of the human situation, the general goal of God for man, and how to become a moral, reasonable, and productive person in a way that coincides with also getting along with others.

It also covers the hard topic of Satan’s war against God and man in a way that dissects evil and the elite’s claims for superiority. This book includes a solution for the mind-body problem and an integration of praxeology (the logic of action, mainly human action) with the Bible. The book also includes an intellectual demolition of Altruism as a viable doctrine. The book describes the ongoing effects of ancient Israel’s failure, which reverberate to this day. And it also includes a section on how to cooperate with God to become happy.

Life Charts

It is difficult to get where you want to go if you do not know where you currently are. Chapter one, entitled "Why are we here," explores not only the status of man but also how the entire universe has arrived at its present state. Chapter two, "the General Goal," discusses what God set out to achieve by creating everything we see. This section also delves into some of the attributes of an abundant life.

Chapter three, "Becoming a Moral, Reasonable, and Productive Person," discusses what it means to be a moral and productive human being. It also tackles the question of why God's way and his thoughts are higher than the beings he created.

Why did Lucifer, one of the greatest angelic beings ever created, attack and declare WAR on God? Chapter four, "Satan's War against God and Man," examines this profound question and reviews how Satan deceives humanity into thinking and acting as he does.

What three questions need to be answered in order to achieve a greater understanding of God's word? Chapter five, entitled "Ancient Israel’s Failure and its Effects," discusses why the Eternal gave man free choice and decided not to force him to do what is right.

Chapter six, "Altruism, or a proper concern for one's own interests," discusses how altruism can be used to justify senseless self-sacrificing at the expense of human growth and development. Chapter seven, called "Economic Fallacies versus Rational Thought," delves into how individuals and organizations deny the existence and operation of economic laws.

Chapter eight, "Praxeology and Human Development," discusses the need for two scientific methods in order to arrive at scientific truth. Chapter nine is called "The Bible as Endoxa and a Game Theory Pushback against Natural Scientists." It discusses how God was "pushed to the sidelines" in the 1800's A.D. and how it affected people living today.

The tenth and final chapter of this volume is entitled "I Just Want to be Happy." It reveals the one and only path that leads to an abundant life NOW and eternal life in the resurrection.

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