Fair Havens to Fortunatus
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Fair Havens
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Strong's #G5344

Felix is Roman Procurator (Governor) of Judea from 52 to 60 A.D. In early summer 58 A.D., the Apostle Paul, after his arrest, is sent to Felix for his trial. The procurator, although he hears Paul's defense several times, keeps him as a prisoner for more than two years in the hopes someone will bribe him to release the apostle. A bribe is never offered and Felix is replaced in 60 A.D.

Acts 23 - 24, 25:14

Festival, festal
Strong's #G5347

Porcius Festus takes over the role of Judea's Procurator from Felix in 60 A.D. Upon assuming his new responsibilities, Festus immediately revisits the case against the Apostle Paul. His offer to hold Paul's trial in Jerusalem is rejected. He does approve of, however, the apostle's request to have his case heard before Caesar in Rome.

Acts 24:27, 25:1 - 26:32

Fortunate, well freighted
Strong's #G5415

Fortunatus was a Christian who attended church in Corinth. He traveled to see Paul in Ephesus during the apostle's third missionary journey.

1Corinthians 16:17, 24

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