When did Paul
write his books?

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When and where did the Apostle Paul write his Bible books? What was his most productive period?

Next to Jesus Christ, the apostle Paul is arguably the most influential Christian preacher, teacher, writer, editor and evangelistic trainer in the first century A.D. The New Testament scriptures contain more information about him than any of the other apostles. The zeal Paul possessed for God and his willingness to suffer trials and hardships for the sake of the gospel motivated him to do amazing things.

Apostle Paul conducted no less than five evangelistic journeys. He was the first person recorded in the Bible, in 50 A.D., to take the Gospel to Europe (Acts 16). He also wrote fourteen epistles that became part of the inspired word of God, almost THREE TIMES more than either Moses or the apostle John. Amazingly, seven out of the fourteen books Paul wrote were produced from the early Spring of 61 to 63 A.D., a span of less than three years!

The writings of Paul are considered so important that they are one of the seven major sections of God's word. The other six major divisions of books are the Law, the Prophets, the Writings (Psalms), the Gospels and Acts, the seven General New Testament Epistles and the book of Revelation.

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The below timeline lists what year a book was written (and the time of year if known), the name of the epistle, and from where it was penned (if known). All dates are A.D.

50 A.D.
Written from Corinth during Paul's second missionary journey.

Written from Corinth during the second missionary journey.

53 (Late Spring)
Written from Antioch (in Syria) just before the start of the third missionary journey.

56 (Late Winter)
Penned from Ephesus when Paul stayed in the city during his third missionary journey.

57 (Late Summer)
Penned from Ephesus when Paul stayed in the city during his third missionary journey.

57 (Winter)
Authored in Macedonia (Greece) toward the end of his third missionary journey.

61 (Early Spring)
Written while Paul traveled during his fourth missionary journey.

61 to 63
Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon
Paul wrote all four books while in Rome as a prisoner.

1Timothy, Titus
Paul authored these books in Nicopolis right after the apostle was released from a prison in Rome.

After completing his fifth and final missionary journey Paul writes his last of fourteen books to his best friend Timothy. The apostle is a prisoner in Rome waiting for what would be his martyrdom at the hands of the Romans.

Jerusalem's second temple (also known as Herod's temple) is destroyed and burned to the ground by the Romans.

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