Apostle Paul's Life and Journeys

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The Apostle Paul, next to Jesus, is arguably the most important and influential Christian in history! From his birth around 2 A.D. to his death by the Romans in 68, he led an amazing life full of meaning and purpose. The goal of this series is to give a real and true portrait of Paul's life and missionary journeys against the backdrop of the world in which he lived.

Published in the middle of the 19th century, the book "The Life and Epistles of Apostle Paul" by Conybeare and Howson is the basis for this series. The text of this classic work, however, has been edited, expanded, and it many cases rewritten, by Biblestudy.org to reflect modern research into Paul's life and the chronology of events that took place.

The central person of our in-depth discussion is, of course, Paul. Born with the birth name of Saul, he is born to a Jewish family in the Roman "free city" of Tarsus. In his youth, he is sent to a Pharisaic Rabbinical school in Jerusalem headed up by the respected and famous Rabbi Gamaliel. As he grows up, he develops an unmatched zeal for Judaism. His early adult life is filled with zealous attempts to defend his beliefs against the perceived threat of Christianity.

God reaches down, however, when Paul is a young man to convert the young firebrand to the cause of Christ. Though redirected by the Lord, Paul pursues spreading the gospel message, and defense of Jesus' teachings, with even more enthusiasm and energy than he had promoting the unbiblical beliefs of the Jews. His ministry of 35 years is a testament to what God can accomplish through the life of one individual.

Painting of Apostle Paul
Apostle Paul
Govert Teunisz Flinck, 1635

Paul's impact on Christianity is enormous and cannot be overstated. During his life, He writes more than half of the New Testament! His fourteen books (epistles) are almost three times more than the five penned by Moses or the Apostle John. He conducts at least five missionary journeys that span such varied locations as Asia Minor, Syria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Britain and even small islands!

Paul evangelizes countless cities and helps train others to do so such as Timothy and John Mark. Many times his intense, and at times hyperactive, dedication to God's calling, however, brings him unparalleled trials and suffering. During his ministry he spends roughly five total years in prison, is whipped five times, beaten three times with rods, resurrected from the dead after being stoned and endures being shipwrecked in the Mediterranean!

The Apostle Paul remained steadfastly faithful to God to the very end. Learn about his remarkable life, through the chapters below, an existence that shaped true Christianity unlike any other person from the first century to today!

Apostle Paul's Life and Journeys
Background and Preparation

Paul's birth and early life

The Early Church

Paul's conversion
and early travels

First Missionary Journey

Second Missionary Journey

Third Missionary Journey

Fourth Missionary Journey

Final Journey and Death

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Apostle Paul's Life
and Missionary Journeys

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