Apostle Paul's Life
and Missionary Journeys

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The Apostle Paul, next to Jesus, is arguably the most important and influential Christian in history! From his birth around 2 A.D. to his death by the Romans in 68, he led an amazing life full of meaning and purpose. The goal of this series is to give a real and true portrait of Paul's life and missionary journeys against the backdrop of the world in which he lived.

Published in the middle of the 19th century, the book "The Life and Epistles of Apostle Paul" by Conybeare and Howson is the basis for the below series. The text of this classic work, however, has been edited, expanded, and it many cases rewritten, by Biblestudy.org to reflect modern research into Paul's life and the chronology of events that took place.

Apostle Paul's Life
and Missionary Journeys

Paul's Birth
and Early Life

The Early Church

Paul's Conversion
and Early Travels

First Missionary Journey

Second Missionary Journey

Third Missionary Journey

Fourth Missionary Journey

Paul's Last Years

Apostle Paul's Life
and Missionary Journeys

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