Teach a Child about God's Plan!

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The following lesson plan is meant to help us stir the imaginations of our children. It is not meant to be handed to the child to let them learn on their own, nor is it to be learned in one session, but rather it is to be used as a tool to help us teach our children about God.

You will see that this is a different approach - not just a connect-the-dots, color the picture, or even fill in the blank, though those methods may be used at times. This is a comprehensive method of unit study which appeals to all types of learners. I have used this method for years in home schooling and find it very effective.

Let the older children and teens take part in teaching the younger ones by allowing them to help the younger ones choose and do an activity or project. Explain to the older children what you want the younger ones to learn from the activity and let them have a part in sharing the Gospel with the little ones. The older ones will feel a sense of responsibility and ownership as they learn and share a ministry with others.

This goal of this lesson is to teach a child that God has a Plan to rescue all humanity, that he has the power to make His plan work, and that the Fall Holy Days can teach us a part of God's Plan.


As you do these with your child, discuss the planning that goes into the end result. Talk about the step-by-step process of a working plan.

Apostle James with children
Apostle James with children
Andrea Del Sarto, 1528 - 29

With a destination in mind, go for a hike or a walk. Use a plan, or a map and compass to get there. Using words from John 7 allow or help your child to make a crossword puzzle or a word search.

Make a picture book that shows the stages of God's Plan as shown by the Fall Holy Days. Fold several sheets of typing or drawing paper in half. Bind it in the middle with staples or holes and yarn. Allow your child to choose a recipe and help gather the ingredients, then following the instructions (the plan) prepare the recipe.


When doing these projects with your child ask questions. Was this planned? Who planned it? Why is it good to plan? Can you get the end result without a plan?

1) Build a bird house or a bird feeder with your child. (Let your child help choose a plan and locate the materials to begin construction) With your guidance go by the step-by-step instructions.

2) Watch the insects build the following. Buy an ant farm. Observe the tasks that each type of ant must perform. Discuss the needs and reasons for organization.

Go to a local bee farm and observe the hives. Talk to the beekeeper about the jobs each bee performs. Take home some honey and about the jobs each bee performs. Take home some honey and examine the perfection in each cell of the comb.

3) Plan to make the Feast of Tabernacles better for someone else; choose many colors, use your choice of crayons, markers, construction paper, glue, glitter or paste to make several greeting cards and book markers to give away during the Feast (when sharing these, choose people you have not met).

4) Get a special toy with several parts. Take special care to save each part and prepare a place to keep them, so that they can always be found.

Story Discussion

Parents, when you read this, pause, ask questions and get a response, especially when there are questions in the text, or where there are questions in the middle of the page.

God has a plan!

There was once a funny cartoon in a science magazine. It pictured an old man who was supposed to be God. He had just sneezed and was reaching for a tissue. The particles of the sneeze were hanging in the air before Him and the caption of the cartoon read "The Big Sneeze Theory of Creation."

You can use your imagination to figure out what the heavens and earth were in that picture. So how was it that the universe came into existence? How did humans come into being? Did God just sneeze, and . . . Ahh . . . Ahhh . . . Choo!! . . . the heavens and earth were created? If so are we all just part of a big mucous plug??! . . . NOT!

God lovingly and carefully planned every detail that has to do with our existence. He carefully chose the design and colors of every flower and each animal. He faithfully keeps up with the plants and beasts of the field. He provides for their food and water. He even notices when a tiny bird dies.

Each and every part of God's creation is important to Him. We too, are extremely important to God and He watches the earth to find ways to strengthen us. We are His Special Possessions and a part of His big plan (see Psalm 145:15 - 16, Matthew 10:29 - 30, Malachi 3:16 - 17, Exodus 19:5 - 6, 2Chronicles 16:9).

Have you ever gotten a toy that has lots of pieces to it? It seems that no matter how careful you are, some of the pieces get lost or broken. Then, when you want them, they just are not there!!

What if one day God reached out for earth and . . . OOPS!! It was gone!! He probably just misplaced it, or forgot to put it up the last time He used it. Maybe He put the earth in the wrong galaxy, or perhaps He lent it to an angel and the angel didn't give it back. Oh well . . . poor humans. Well, He could create a new earth.

He would never be careless with the earth. He created the earth to support physical life. Our human life is only a temporary existence and we all will die. But God created us as physical beings so He could plant His Spirit in us and let it grow.

It is His plan to use that Spirit to give us Eternal Spirit Life. He has had this planned from the beginning, which is why He sent Christ to die for us, so that we might live with Him in the resurrection.

We have all made plans only to find that our plans sometimes fail. We may plan to go for a hike, but wake up to find the weather is just too bad. We may plan to bake a cake and although we follow the directions perfectly, we may find that the oven does not work right and the cake falls.

There are so many things that we are powerless to change. We may say that we are going to make something nice for someone, and we may even make it. But then we forget to deliver it, or accidentally damage it before we can give it. Sometimes our plans go bad because of our own shortcomings; sometimes they go bad because of things beyond our control.

God has a detailed plan for humanity and His plan will not fail. That is because He is in complete control and He has the POWER to bring His plan about. God speaks and it is so!!! For example, say "My room is clean". Instantly all the toys would be on the shelf, neat and arranged!! No more lost or broken toys!

God has that power, and He uses His power to bring about His plan exactly as He intended. From the beginning of creation to the very last human that He will change into spirit, God's Plan will come about. The plan is in your Bible and you can be a part of it (you can find background information on this topic in the following scriptures, Isaiah 46:9 - 11,14:24, 26 - 27, Ephesians 1:11).

The Fall Holy Days picture the part of God's Plan when those who have had God's Spirit are resurrected and changed. They are called saints. They will have powerful Spirit bodies that cannot die. The saints will meet with Christ and wage a terrible war with Satan. But the good guys will win and put Satan away for a thousand years.

The Bible says the saints will rule with Christ and restore peace to the earth. People will learn to love God and each other. This part of the plan is pictured by the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles (for more information see 1Corinthians 15:40 - 44, 1Thessalonians 4:13 - 17, Revelation 19:13, 16, 19 - 20, 20:1 - 6, Daniel 7:17 - 18, 27).

The rest of the plan is pictured by the Last Great Day. God plans to give an opportunity for Life to everyone. Even those who were very evil will be resurrected and given a chance to learn God's Way.

The people you hear about in the news, the children who died young, the victims of abuse, war, earthquakes, disease (*you name it*), all will be resurrected after the world is rescued from Satan. God's Spirit is able to change them. God will give them happy, prosperous healthy lives (read these scriptures to find out more - John 7:37 - 38, Revelation 20:12 - 13, Ezekiel 13:1 - 14).

Finally death (the penalty for sin) will be destroyed. There will be no more pain. God will live with men and all things will be made new (Revelation 20:14, 21:3 - 5)!

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