Why So Many Bibles?

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Why does there seem to be so many Bibles in the world?

The Bible Society of the U.K. calculates that the number of God's word printed between 1816 and 1975 was around 2.45 billion. By 1992 this estimated number rose to nearly six billion. Clearly, the number of Bibles in the world makes it the best selling book of all time! These figures do not include the countless digital versions of the Scriptures being accessed today by computers, smart phones, iPads, and so on.

Bibles currently have been published in over 450 languages. The New Testament alone has been distributed in nearly 1,400 languages, with the Gospel of Mark in over 2,300 languages. They represent the primary means of reaching over 90% of the world’s population with God's truth.

These statistics reflect the fact that the United States, since its inception, has been a Scripture reading nation. This is evident in such founding documents as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The preamble of nearly every state constitution invokes the name "Almighty God." Until recently, Bibles were used for teaching the basic standards of private and public moral conduct. This book is the foundation of America's laws and judicial system.

Greatly blessed

Because of the adherence to the Bible and its principles, the United States has been blessed beyond measure. It is the wealthiest and most generous nation in the world. People in the U.S. annually contribute billions of dollars to churches and private charities in order to help the less fortunate. The U.S. government also contributes billions of taxpayer dollars in assistance to many of the downtrodden nations of the world.

In the twentieth century America was at the forefront when it came to fighting wars in the name of God to rid the world of evil despotism. Furthermore, for over one hundred years, all denominations of Christian churches in the United States have been the primary leaders in preaching the Gospel to the world.

Prophecy fulfillment

Yet, these stark facts and figures chronicle a story far greater than the number of Bibles distributed suggest. They document the awesome fulfillment of Jesus Christ's prophecy that "assuredly," in the end times, the Gospel would be preached and published throughout the entire world before the end (Matthew 24:14)!

Since the end of this age and the return of Jesus Christ appear to be in the not-too-distant future, we need to ask some pertinent questions concerning the Word of God. How many more Bibles will be published between now and Christ's return? Will it ever be in the hands of 100% of the world's population? Time will tell. No matter what, we can expect Jesus' prophecies to be fulfilled exactly as He said.

This is why there are so many Bibles in the world today. All those who love God the Father and believe in Jesus Christ as personal Savior, should read and study the Word of God daily. The Bible is God's personal instruction book for mankind that can prepare him for eternal life and the triumphant return of Jesus Christ to rule this world as King of kings and Lord of lords.

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