Old Testament Miracles

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Miracles, especially those in the Old Testament, are events the cause of which is directly attributable to a special act of almighty God. They can reveal something about his character, power, plans, or purposes. They can also confirm that a person (or even an angel) is inspired by the Eternal in their role as teacher, prophet, judge, messenger and so on. They are one of the primary proofs of God's existence.

Old Testament Miracles in Genesis

God creates Adam and Eve (Chapters 1 and 2)

The Great Deluge brought because of man's sins (Chapters 7 and 8)

At tower of Babel man's single language changes to many (11:1 - 9)

Fire passes between Abraham's sacrifice to God (15:17)

Sarah conceives and gives birth to Isaac (17:17; 18:12; 21:2)

Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed with fire from heaven (Chapter 19)

The wife of Lot becomes a salt pillar (19:26)

Wombs of Abimelech's household closed then reopened (20:17 - 18)

Hagar's eyes open to see a well in the wilderness (21:19)

Healing of Rebekah's womb to conceive Esau and Jacob (25:21)

Healing of Rachel's womb to conceive Joseph, Benjamin (30:22)

Miracles in Exodus

Moses sees a bush burning that is not consumed (3:2)

Moses' rod becomes a snake (4:3, 30; 7:10,12)

The hand of Moses becomes leprous then heals (4:6 - 7)

The ten plagues inflicted on Egypt (Chapters 7 to 12)

God leads Israelites with cloud pillar by day and provides heat and light at night with pillar of fire (13:21 - 22, 14:19 - 20)

Red Sea is parted to allow Israelites to escape Egyptians (14:22)

Pharaoh's army destroyed in Red Sea (14:23 - 30)

Marah's waters made sweet (15:25)

Every day but Saturday Manna sent from heaven to feed Israelites (16:4 - 31)

Large flock of quails land in Israelite camp in order to provide them meat (16:13)

Rock in Horeb produces water after it is struck by Moses (17:5 - 7)

Amalek is defeated (17:9 - 13)

At Mount Sinai thunder, lightning and trumpet heard, plus top of mountain surrounded by thick cloud (19:16 - 20, 24:10,15 - 17)

Moses' face shines after receiving ten commandments (34:29 - 35)

Miracles in Leviticus

Fire from heaven consumes Aaron's sacrifice (9:24)

Nadab and Abihu, Aaron's sons, are killed for offering 'strange fire' to God (10:1 - 2)

Picture of the Deluge
The Deluge

Miracles in Numbers

Fire of the Lord kills some of the children of Israel (11:1 - 3)

Miriam becomes leprosy for criticizing Moses regarding his Ethiopian wife. Moses prayers for her and she is healed. (12:10 - 15)

The families of Dathan and Abiram die when the earth opens up below them. Korah and 249 men who challenged Moses die due to the 'fire from the Lord.' (16:31 - 35)

Plague kills 14,700 Israelites (16:46 - 50)

The rod of Aaron the High Priest buds (17:1 - 9)

Moses strikes rock twice and water comes out for the people (20:8 - 11)

God gives Israel victory over King Arad the Canaanite (21:1 - 3)

Because of their complaints, fiery snakes infest Israelite camp and kill many (21:5 - 9)

A donkey verbally chastises Balaam for wrongfully beating them. Balaam then sees the Angel of the Lord standing in front of him. (22:22 - 35)

Miracles in Deuteronomy

Moses is buried, at age 120, directly by God (34:7)

Miracles in Joshua

The Jordan River parts as the Israelites cross it to enter the Land of Promise (3:14 - 17)

The walls of Jericho fall (6:20)

After God gave Joshua victory over a confederation of kings, he rained hailstones on the opponents which killed more people (10:11)

God causes the sun and moon to stand still as he delivers the Amorites to Joshua (10:12 - 14)

Miracles in Judges

The Angel of the Lord appears to Gideon, commissions him, then consumes his sacrifice with fire (6:11 - 21). Gideon requests a dry fleece is made wet, then later it stays dry when the ground is made wet (6:36 - 40). God gives him the victory over the 135,000 strong Midianite army with only 300 men (7 - 8).

Fire comes out of rock to consume Manoah's sacrifice (13:19 - 20)

Samson's strength tied to his hair length (14:6; 16:3, 29 - 30)

Samson given water from a rock (15:19)

Miracles in 1Samuel

Dagon, pagan god of the Philistines, falls twice before the Ark of the Covenant (5:1 - 4)

A plague of hemorrhoids sent on those living in Ashdod and Gath (5:9 - 12)

People of Bethshemesh killed for looking into the Ark of the Covenant (6:19 - 20)

Thunderstorm disperses Philistines (7:10 - 12)

Thunder and rain during Gilgal harvest (12:16 - 18)

Miracles in 2Samuel

God delivers the Philistines, at the valley of Rephaim, into David's hands (5:23 - 25)

Uzzah killed when he tried to steady the Ark of the Covenant (6:1 - 8)

Miracles in 1Kings

Pagan altar at Bethel split and King Jeroboam's hand made to wither (13:3 - 6)

Elijah is fed bread and meat by ravens (17:1 - 6)

Widow's meal and oil do not run out (17:9 - 16)

Son of Zarephath widow resurrected (17:17 - 24)

At Carmel fire from heaven consumes Elijah's water-soaked sacrifice (Chapter 18)

Rain falls in answer to the prayer of Elijah (18:41 - 45)

Elijah given speed to run to Jezreel before King Ahab arrives (18:46)

Elijah fed by an angel (19:1 - 8)

Miracles in 2Kings

Fire consumes two sets of fifty soldiers sent by King Ahaziah to Elijah (1:10 - 12)

Jordan is parted when mantle strikes water (2:8)

Elijah taken to another location by a chariot of fire (2:11)

Jordan is parted when Elisha strikes water with Elijah's mantle (2:14)

Jericho's waters healed (2:19 - 22)

Young men who taunt Elisha attacked by two female bears (2:24)

Water provided for King Jehoshaphat and allies (3:16 - 20)

Moabites given into the hand of Israel (3:18 - 27)

Widow's supply of oil increased in order to sell and get out of debt (4:1 - 7)

Elisha resurrects a Shunammite woman's son (4:18 - 37)

Poisonous stew rendered harmless (4:38 - 41)

Twenty barley loafs and ears of corn feed 100 people (4:42 - 44)

Naaman, captain of Syria's army, cured of leprosy (5:1 - 19)

Gehazi, Elisha's servant, given leprosy for being greedy (5:26 - 27)

Ax head is made to float on water (6:6)

Counsel of the Syrian King revealed (6:12)

Elisha's servant made to see invisible army of God (6:15 - 17)

Army of Syrian king struck with blindness then healed (6:18)

Syrians made to panic (7:6 - 7)

Dead man brought back to life after body touches Elisha's bones (13:21)

Angel of the Lord kills Sennacherib's army before they enter Jerusalem (19:35)

Shadow on sun dial goes back 10 degrees (20:9 - 11)

Miracles in 1Chronicles

David's census brings plague upon Israel (Chapter 21)

Miracles in 2Chronicles

Fire from heaven consumes Solomon's sacrifice at dedication of temple (7:1)

King Uzziah struck with leprosy for trying to offer incense at the temple (26:16 - 21)

Miracles in Isaiah

King Hezekiah cured and given 15 more years of life (38:1 - 5)

Miracles in Daniel

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego kept from burning alive in furnace (3:12 - 28)

Daniel saved from being eaten by lions (6:16 - 22)

Miracles in Jonah

Sea is made calm when Jonah thrown into it (1:15)

Jonah is swallowed by big fish for three days and nights then is vomited onto dry land (1:17 - 2:10)

Gourd grows to shade Jonah then dies (4:5 - 7)

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