Old Testament Miracles

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This article is a list of some of the miracles recorded in the Old Testament. Please see our links at the end of this article for materials delineating the signs and wonders performed by Old Testament prophets as well as Jesus, the Apostle Paul, the early New Testament church and more!

Miracles in Genesis

God creates Adam and Eve (Chapters 1 and 2).

The Great Deluge brought because of man's sins (Chapters 7 and 8).

Man's single language miraculously changes into many (11:1 - 9).

Fire passes between Abraham's sacrifice to God (15:17).

Sarah conceives and gives birth to Isaac (17:17; 18:12; 21:2).

Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed with fire from heaven (Chapter 19).

The wife of Lot becomes a salt pillar (19:26).

Wombs of Abimelech's household closed then reopened (20:17 - 18).

Hagar's eyes open to see a well in the wilderness (21:19).

God miraculously heals Rebekah's womb so that she can conceive Esau and Jacob (25:21).

God miraculously heals Rachel's womb so that she can conceive Joseph and Benjamin (30:22).

Miracles in Exodus

Moses sees a bush burning that is not consumed (3:2).

Moses' rod becomes a snake (4:3, 30, 7:10 - 12).

The hand of Moses becomes leprous then heals (4:6 - 7).

Each of the ten plagues inflicted on Egypt (Chapters 7 to 12).

God leads Israelites with cloud pillar by day and provides heat and light at night with pillar of fire (13:21 - 22, 14:19 - 20).

Red Sea is parted through Moses to allow Israelites to escape Egyptians (14:22).

Pharaoh's army destroyed in Red Sea (14:23 - 30).

Marah's waters made sweet (15:25).

Every day but Saturday Manna sent from heaven to feed Israelites (16:4 - 31).

A large flock of quails miraculously lands in the Israelite camp to provide them meat (16:13).

A rock in Horeb miraculously produces water after it is struck by Moses (17:5 - 7).

Moses' outstretched arm gives the Israelites a miraculous victory over the Amalekites (17:9 - 13).

At Mount Sinai thunder, lightning and trumpet heard, plus top of mountain surrounded by thick cloud (19:16 - 20, 24:10,15 - 17).

Moses' face shines after receiving the Ten Commandments (34:29 - 35).

Miracles in Leviticus

Fire from heaven consumes Aaron's sacrifice (9:24).

God kills Aaron's sons Nadab and Abihu for presenting "strange fire" before him (10:1 - 2).

Miracles in Numbers

Fire of the Lord kills some of the children of Israel (11:1 - 3).

Miriam manifests leprosy for criticizing Moses regarding his Ethiopian wife. Moses prayers for her and she is healed (12:10 - 15).

The families of Dathan and Abiram die when the earth opens up below them. Korah and 249 men who challenged Moses die due to the "fire from the Lord" (16:31 - 35).

Plague kills 14,700 Israelites (16:46 - 50).

The rod of Aaron the High Priest buds (17:1 - 9).

Moses, in Kadesh, strikes rock twice and water comes out for the people (20:8 - 11).

God gives Israel victory over King Arad the Canaanite (21:1 - 3).

Near the land of Edom, because of their complaints, the Lord miraculously causes fiery snakes to infest the Israelite camp and kill many. Moses then prays for the people after they cry out to him and admit their sin. God responds to the prayer by initiating another miracle. He has Moses create a fiery serpent on a pole whereby those bitten, if they look upon it, will not die (21:5 - 9)

A donkey verbally chastises Balaam for wrongfully beating them. Balaam then sees the Angel of the Lord standing in front of him (22:22 - 35).

God causes a plague to kill 24,000 Israelites due to their worshipping pagan gods (25:1 - 9).

Miracles in Deuteronomy

Moses is buried, at age 120, directly by the hand of God (34:7).

Miracles in Joshua

The Jordan River parts as the Israelites cross it to enter the Promised Land. The flow of the river is restored after the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant cross it successfully (3:14 - 4:18).

The walls of Jericho fall (6:20).

After God gives Joshua victory over a confederation of kings, he rains hailstones on the opponents which kills more people (10:11).

Joshua asks God to cause the sun and moon to stand still in the sky. He makes this unusual request so that Israel can fully defeat a confederation of five Amorite kings in the Promised Land. The Eternal carries out his request because he is also fighting for Israel.

Then Joshua spoke to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, "Sun! Stand still upon Gibeon! And, moon, stand still in the valley of Aijalon!" . . .

And the sun stood still in the midst of the heavens and did not hasten to go down about a whole day. And there was no day like that before it or after it that the Lord listened to the voice of a man, for the Lord fought for Israel (Joshua 10:12 - 14).

Miracles in Judges

The Angel of the Lord appears to Gideon, commissions him, and then consumes his sacrifice with fire (6:11 - 21). Gideon requests a fleece of wool, placed on a floor, is made wet but the ground around it is dry. He then requests the fleece stays dry while the ground around it is wet (verses 36 - 40). God then gives him the victory over the 135,000 strong Midianite army with only 300 men in his army (chapters 7 - 8).

Fire comes out of rock to consume the sacrifice of Manoah who was the father of Samson (13:19 - 20).

Samson's strength is linked to his hair length due to his Nazarite vow (14:6; 16:3, 29 - 30).

Samson is miraculously provided water from a rock (15:19).

Samson is miraculously given back his strength in order to punish the Philistines (16:26 - 30).

Miracles in 1Samuel

Dagon, pagan god of the Philistines, falls twice before the Ark of the Covenant (5:1 - 4).

A plague of hemorrhoids sent on the Philistines living in Ashdod and Gath (5:9 - 12).

People of Bethshemesh killed for looking into the Ark of the Covenant (6:19 - 20).

Thunderstorm disperses Philistines (7:10 - 12).

Thunder and rain provided during Gilgal harvest (12:16 - 18).

Miracles in 2Samuel

God delivers the Philistines, at the valley of Rephaim, into David's hands (5:23 - 25).

Uzzah miraculously killed when he tried to steady the Ark of the Covenant (6:1 - 8).

Miracles in 1Kings

An unknown "man of God" from Judah declares, in Bethel, Jeroboam's pagan altar will be miraculously broken with its ashes scattered. When the king protests the prophecy and commands the man be arrested, his hand shrivels up! It is soon healed upon the king's request (1Kings 13:1 - 10).

The unknown prophet who warned Jeroboam was instructed by God not to stop and eat bread or drink water in or near Bethel. As the man of God leaves Bethel, an older prophet lies to him and entices him to dine at his house. The old prophet, after the meal, foretells the man of God will die because he disobeyed. This event takes place when a lion attacks and kills him as he journeys home (1Kings 13:11 - 33).

Miracles in 2Kings

The Angel of the Lord kills 185,000 men in Sennacherib's army before they enter Jerusalem (19:35).

Miracles in 1Chronicles

David's census brings plague upon Israel (Chapter 21).

Miracles in 2Chronicles

Fire from heaven consumes Solomon's sacrifice at dedication of temple (7:1).

King Uzziah struck with leprosy for trying to offer incense at the temple (26:16 - 21).

Miracles in Isaiah

King Hezekiah is healed of his disease and given fifteen more years of life (Isaiah 38:1 - 5, see also 2Kings 20:1 - 7).

Miracles in Daniel

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego kept from burning alive in furnace (3:12 - 28).

Daniel saved from being eaten by lions (6:16 - 22).

Miracles in Jonah

Sea is made calm when Jonah thrown into it (1:15).

Jonah is swallowed by big fish for three days and nights then is vomited onto dry land (1:17 - 2:10).

Gourd grows to shade Jonah then dies (4:5 - 7).

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