Miracles of the
Old Testament Prophets

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Miracles, especially those in the Old Testament, are events the cause of which is (usually) directly attributable to a special act of God. They can reveal something about his character, power, plans, or purposes. Miracles can also confirm that a person (or even an angel) is inspired by the Eternal in their role as teacher, prophet, judge, messenger and so on. They are one of the primary proofs of God's existence.

This article is a list of miracles performed by Old Testament prophets that are arranged in chronological order. Please see our links at the end of this article for materials delineating the signs and wonders performed by others in the Old Testament as well as Jesus, the Apostle Paul, the early New Testament church and more!

Elijah the prophet

Elijah functioned as a prophet during the reigns of Israelite kings Ahab (who ruled from 874 to 853 B.C., 1Kings 17:1), Ahaziah (ruled 853 to 852, 2Kings 1) and Joram (852 to 841, 2Chronicles 21:12 - 19). During his service he performed eight major miracles.

1. Elijah causes drought in the Kingdom of Israel due to King Ahab's sins (1Kings 17:1 - 5).

2. The prophet miraculously causes a widow’s meager food supply not to run out until a drought ends (17:9 - 16).

3. Elijah resurrects the widow's son who had died (17:22 - 23).

4. The prophet causes fire to come down from heaven on his altar to God during his showdown with false prophets on Mount Carmel (18:30 - 38).

5. Elijah caused it to rain in Israel which ended the drought he had proclaimed (41 - 45).

6. and 7. The prophet miraculously calls fire down from heaven on two sets of 51 men (a captain along with his fifty men) sent from King Ahaziah (2Kings 1:9 - 10, 11 - 12).

8. Elijah, with his mantle, causes the river Jordan to part and allow both him and Elisha to cross it (2Kings 2:8).

Elisha's sixteen miracles

Elisha replaced Elijah as Israel's primary prophet during King Joram's reign (852 to 841 B.C.). Elisha also carried out his ministry through the reigns of Kings Jehu (841 to 814, 2Kings 9:6 - 10), Jehoahaz (814 to 798) and Jehoash (798 to 782, 2Kings 13:14 - 19).

Elisha, before his predecessor was whisked away via a chariot of fire, asked to receive a double portion of his spirit. His requested was granted (2Kings 2:9 - 12), enabling him to perform twice as many miracles as Elijah!

1. Jordan is parted when Elisha strikes water with Elijah's mantle (2:14).

2. Jericho's waters healed (2:19 - 22).

3. Young men who taunt Elisha attacked by two female bears (2:24).

4. Water provided for King Jehoshaphat and allies (3:16 - 20).

5. Widow's supply of oil increased in order to sell and get out of debt (4:1 - 7).

6. Elisha resurrects a Shunammite woman's son (4:18 - 37).

7. Poisonous stew rendered harmless (4:38 - 41).

8. Twenty barley loafs and ears of corn feed 100 people (4:42 - 44).

9. Naaman, captain of Syria's army, cured of leprosy (5:1 - 19).

10. Gehazi, Elisha's servant, is given leprosy for being greedy (5:26 - 27).

11. Ax head is made to float on water (6:6).

12. Elisha's servant made to see invisible army of God (6:15 - 17).

13. Army of Syrian king struck with blindness then healed (6:18).

14. Army of Syrian king healed (6:20).

15. Foretold Samaria's famine would end (7:6 - 7).

16. A dead body is miraculously brought back to life when it accidently touches the prophet's bones (13:21).

Isaiah's miracle

Isaiah's ministry ran from 740 to 686 B.C. He was an Old Testament prophet of God starting in the last year of Judah's King Uzziah, then running through the reigns of Jotham and Ahaz, then finally completing his service at the end of King Hezekiah's rule (Isaiah 1:1, 6:1 - 8).

Isaiah's sole miracle was causing the shadow of a clock to go backwards 10 degrees. He did this to prove to King Hezekiah that he would be healed by God (2Kings 20:8 - 11).

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