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During research for our "Meaning of Biblical Names" series, we ran across several people whose names mean something odd, contradictory, or astonishingly prophetic compared to how they turned out in life. One has to wonder what motivated the parents of those below to give them names that mean something decidedly unusual and, to our modern minds, sometimes a bit humorous.

The meanings of the below Biblical names comes from either Strong's Concordance, Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Definitions, or Thayer's Greek Definitions. The list also includes the verses where each of the unusual names can be found.

I will be silent and poor
Strong's #H325

Also known as Xerxes, Ahasuerus was the son of Persian King Darius I. Ahasuerus was anything but silent or poor during his life, as he ruled over the ancient world's most powerful and largest empire for twenty years!

Ezra 4:6, Esther 1 - 3, 6 - 10, Daniel 9:1

Wicked, to stink
Strong's #H1201

Baasha was the Kingdom of Israel's third ruler. He ascended to the throne by murdering the second monarch named Nadab. His bloody reign of 22 years, during which he killed all those of the royal household (1Kings 15:27 - 29), required God's intervention to stop.

1Kings 15 - 16, 21:22, 2Kings 9:9, 2Chronicles 16, Jeremiah 41:9

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My cavities
Strong's #H893

Ezra 2:11, 8:11, 10:28, Nehemiah 7:16, 10:15

Confusing love
Strong's #H1085

Bildad was one of Job's three "friends" who consistently criticized him after he experienced unparalleled calamities brought to him by Satan the devil!

Job 2:11, 8:1, 18:1, 25:1, 42:9

Twice-wicked Cushan or
Cushan double wickedness
Strong's #H3573

At seventeen letters this is the second longest personal name in Scripture.

Chushanrishathaim was a Mesopotamia king whom God allowed, for eight years, to harass and dominate Israel as correction for their sins (Judges 3:8).

Judges 3:8, 10

Son of stabbing
Strong's #H1128

Dekar's son was one of King Solomon's twelve provincial officers.

1Kings 4:9

Strong's #H1619

Gareb was the name of one of King David's thirty-seven mighty men who were extraordinary warriors.

2Samuel 23:38, 1Chronicles 11:40

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Strong's #H1555

Goliath was a gigantic man who, from his youth, was trained in the art of killing. Raised in a pagan culture that lived for battle, he became the greatest warrior of the Philistines. He was the man who challenged the young King David to a fight to the death. Splendor is hardly the word to describe a killing machine like Goliath!

1Samuel 17, 21:9, 22:10, 21:19, 1Chronicles 20:5

Village of death
Strong's #H2700

Hazarmaveth, a son of Jokthan, was a descendant of Shem who survived the great flood.

Genesis 10:26, 1Chronicles 1:20

Foamy healer
Strong's #H2387

Jambres was one of the two Egyptian magicians who opposed Moses and Aaron's efforts to free the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

2Timothy 3:8

Swift is booty, speedy is prey
Strong's #H4122

Mahershalalhashbaz is the longest personal name in the Bible at eighteen characters! It was a name God himself gave to a prophetess' son.

Isaiah 8:1, 3

Fool, dolt
Strong's #H5037

Abigail, Nabal's wife, was well aware she married a man who was a fool (1Samuel 25:25)! His foolish treatment of King's David's messengers almost got him and his family killed and all he owned destroyed. It was Abigail who saved the day by stepping in and pleading mercy in spite of her husband's foolishness.

1Samuel 25:3 - 39, 27:3, 30:5, 2Samuel 2:2, 3:3

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Strong's #G3488

Narcissus, in the first century A.D., was a Christian living in Rome.

Romans 16:11

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Strong's #G3517

Nereus and his sister, who lived in Rome, hosted a group of Christians in the city who met for Sabbath services.

Romans 16:15

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Strong's #G2195

Zaccheus, for much of his life, was anything but pure! As a tax collector in Jericho he grew quite wealthy through theft, extortion and other means of dishonest gain (Luke 3:12 - 13, 19:7 - 8). It was only when Jesus met him that he repented and pledged to turn his life around.

Luke 19:2 - 8

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