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Over many years of studying the Bible, living life, reading widely, and thinking very hard, your author has pondered many things and had numerous directed thoughts. These studies have produced a series entitled God and Man which now contains five volumes, the first of which is entitled "Divine Individualism." This volume contains eight chapters, linked to below, pertaining primarily to the purpose of our human existence and answers the question of why God created us and placed us on planet earth.

Chapters in this volume

The chapter entitled Honor explains that God honored each of us by choosing to make us in his image and likeness. God is writing a Torah Story that we all need to know.

The chapter Creating Characters With Character discusses the concept of God being, in essence, a Master Novelist who is creating original and unique characters with righteous character. He is doing this in order to share eternity with us in a beautiful new environment – a new heavens and a new earth. This chapter also delves into explaining man's suffering, trials, tests, and triumphs.

Values, Choices and Consequences reveals not only the true causes of our bad choices but also how they have consequences beyond those that are immediate.

Go To The Healer tackles the question that if a human is broken, can he or she be fixed? We all need healing on many levels. Fortunately, a Healer exists who can heal us completely.

The chapter Fixer-Upper People provides a strategy and ideas for becoming a better person through the analogy of inheriting an old house that needs many repairs. Our life is an precious gift from God that requires us to do all we can to better ourselves. It is not where we start out that matters but where we end up.

Freedom And Christian Responsibility explains why God had to allow man the freedom to choose. It also discusses how God makes us responsible for our choices. This chapter additionally delves into the ramifications of the freedom we have received, its power, and its role in natural rights. Also explored is the inextricable link between freedom and responsibility.

The chapter entitled "What Now?" discusses why today's news is not for the faint of heart. How can we be anchored to something solid and immovable even when the world deteriorates around us? How can we gain God's divine favor? World conditions are steadily deteriorating, through either natural disasters, self-inflicted economic problems, poor political leadership, or other causes. Many people are living in fear of what might happen next. Obtaining divine favor is our best chance of moving forward.

The last chapter, Divine Individualism, answers the questions about the purpose and value of human life. How can you cooperate with God to unlock your priceless eternal potential?

The reader is encouraged to review these materials with both an open mind and open Bible.

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