Why Is Your Life Hard?
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Over many years of studying the Bible, living life, reading widely, and thinking very hard, your author has pondered many things and had numerous directed thoughts. These studies have produced a series entitled God and Man which now contains five volumes, the second of which is entitled "Why your life is hard!" This volume contains eight chapters, linked to below, which reviews why human existence is so difficult, and at times seems to be so hard.

Chapters in this volume

The chapter called The Source Of Evil explains how evil has expanded its deadly reach in the world and what values it is based upon. Evil will end, but not before God uses it for his purposes.

The second chapter in this volume entitled Water Miracles In The Bible reveals that there are numerous references to sea monsters, raging waters, and water-related miracles in the Bible. Why is this so? What is water symbolic of and what is the central truth God wants us to learn from what we discover?

Intellectual Warfare: The Corruption Of Philosophy And Thought explains how intellectual warfare has been waged against mankind with the result being a corruption of thought. The world has come to the place where it is an intellectual train wreck. The problems plaguing man are, in large part, the result of failures from the field of philosophy and a resulting corruption of the process of thought. The corruption of thought leads to bad decisions that negatively affect all of us.

Why There Is No Justice: The Corruption Of Law tackles the question of why there seems to be very little justice in the world. What is the purpose of law and government? How have they become corrupted? What are natural rights and why are they needed? The rebellion against reason and reality, pertaining to law, is a rebellion against both divine law and natural law.

Economic Fallacies Versus Rational Thought reveals why life seems so hard. A widespread lack of understanding pertaining to economic laws makes life harder to live. This chapter also delves into various economic fallacies and explains the key principles behind a rational economic system.

Why Job Suffered: The Real Story explores the REAL reasons why Job suffered. Why did God allow him to have such a trial of loss and suffering? The most common explanation is that Job was self-righteous and needed correction. This chapter clearly explains the causes of Job's trial and leads to an understanding of how great God is.

The Matthew 18 Paradox: Solved solves the paradox between Jesus Christ telling the disciples to become as little children and the rest of Scripture stating believers must become mature. This chapter also offers evidence as to why a proper understanding of the solution to the Matthew 18 Paradox is important to us individually and collectively.

The last chapter in this volume, Divine Evidence, reveals the two pieces of evidence for believing in the future fulfillment of a powerful Bible promise. Most people would like to be both happy and to live forever. Pain, suffering and seeing the death of those we love take the joy out of life. The good news is that the Bible does offer hope and even offers evidence supporting a hopeful future for all mankind.

The reader is encouraged to review these materials with both an open mind and open Bible.

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