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Extended land
Strong's #G3109, #G3110

Macedonia, with its capital city of Thessalonica, became a Roman province in 147 B.C. It was one of the primary provinces the Apostle Paul focused most of his evangelistic efforts. Cities in this area included Berea, Neapolis, Thessalonica, Nicopolis and Philippi.

Acts 16:9 - 12, 18:5, 19:21 - 29, 20:1, 3, Romans 15:26, 1Corinthians 16:5, 2Corinthians 1:16, 2:13, 7:5, 8:1, 9:2, 4, 11:9, 13:14, Philippians 4:15, 1Thessalonians 1:7 - 10, 1Timothy 1:3, Titus 3:15

Sold, salesman
Strong's #H4353

Machir is the name of Manasseh's firstborn son, making him the grandson of Joseph. Machir's descendants, in the days of Moses, conquered the land of Gilead which is east of the Jordan River. They were ultimately assigned this land as part of their inheritance in the Promised Land and were also given Bashan in which to dwell.

Mephibosheth, crippled at the age of five by an accident, was the son of King David's close friend Jonathan and grandson of King Saul. He lived at the home of a man named Machir when David tracked him down in order to show him kindness after both Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle.

Genesis 50:23, Numbers 26:29, 27:1, 32:39 - 40, 36:1, Deuteronomy 3:15, Joshua 13:31, 17:1, 3, Judges 5:14, 2Samuel 9:4 - 5, 17:27, 1Chronicles 2:21, 23, 7:14 - 17

Fold, double, portion
Strong's #H4375

Located near Hebron (Mamre), the cave of Machpelah was initially purchased by Abraham as a burial location for his beloved wife Sarah.

The cave would also become his own burial location and that of his son Isaac and his wife Rebekah. Abraham's grandson Jacob (Israel) and his wife Leah are also buried at Machpelah.

Genesis 23:9 - 19, 25:9, 49:30, 50:13

Strong's #H4086

Madmen, an unknown location in Moabite territory, was prophecied to be destroyed by Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 48:2

Strong's #H4068

Madon was a city in Galilee whose king joined an unsuccessful alliance to fight Israel's army led by Joshua.

Joshua 11:1, 12:19

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Read our dedicated article on this topic.

Land of Gog
Strong's #H4031, #G3098

Magog is the name of one of Noah's grandsons through Japheth.

Gog, of the land of Magog, is prophecied to be one of the leaders who will use their military might to fight against the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Genesis 10:2, 1Chronicles 1:5, Ezekiel 38:2, 39:6, Revelation 20:8

Double camp, two camps
Strong's #H4266

Mahanaim was a Levitical city within the tribe of Gad's inheritance in the Promised Land. The city was on the major north-south route, east of the Jordan River, called the King's Highway.

Genesis 32:2, Joshua 13:26, 30, 21:38, 2Samuel 2:8, 12, 29, 17:24, 27, 19:32, 1Kings 2:8, 4:14, 1Chronicles 6:80

Camp of Dan
Strong's #H4265

Located near Kirjathjearim, Mahanehdan was one of the places the tribe of Dan camped as they traveled north to attack the city of Laish (Leshem). After conquered Laish they rename it Dan.

Judges 18:12

Place of shepherds, herding
Strong's #H4719

Makkedah was given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land. It is the location where Joshua killed five allied Amorite kings who had fled the battlefield at Gibeon.

Joshua 10:10 - 29, 12:16, 15:41

My messenger, ministrative
Strong's #H4401

Malachi, one of the Minor Prophets, is the author of the Biblical book named after him. He gave prophecies regarding being prepared for God's Messenger (Jesus Christ). He additionally spoke against divorce, adultery, priestly neglect of duties and robbing the Eternal by not tithing.

Malachi 1:1

King, kingdom
Strong's #G3124

Malchus was the High Priest's servant whose right ear Peter cut off at the time of Jesus' arrest in Gethsemane. The Lord miraculously reattached the ear and chided Peter for acting in such an impulsive and violent manner.

John 18:10

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Read our dedicated article on this topic.

Strong's #G3127

A man named Manaen was one of the early teachers and prophets in the Syrian Antioch church. He was an early Christian leader along with Barnabas, Lucius, Niger and Saul (Paul).

Acts 13:1

Causing to forget
Strong's #H4519

Manasseh was the name of one of Joseph's son born in Egypt.

Another Manasseh, a king of Judah, was the longest reigning monarch of either the Kingdom of Judah or Israel at 55 years. He is consider one of Israel's worst kings as he encouraged the worship of many false deities. He also indulged in witchcraft, worked with evil spirits, and even sacrificed his own son by fire to the pagan God Molech (2Kings 21).

Manasseh was so bloody that the Bible states, "(he) shed very much innocent blood until he had filled Jerusalem from one end to another" (2Kings 21:16, HBFV).

Genesis 41:51, 46:20, 48:1 - 20, 50:23, Numbers 1:10, 34 - 35, 2:20, 7:54, 10:23, 13:11, 26:28 - 34, 27:1, 32:33, etc.

Strong's #H4495

Manoah was the father of Samson.

Judges 13:2 - 22, 16:31

Habitation, residence
Strong's #H4584

Maon was a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land. Maon is also the name of a person in the Old Testament.

Joshua 15:55, 1Samuel 23:24 - 25, 25:2, 1Chronicles 2:45

Please see our listing for Naomi.

Strong's #H4785

Marah, in the wilderness of Shur, was where the Israelites found some water but it was too bitter to drink. It took a miracle from God to make the water drinkable.

Exodus 15:23, Numbers 33:8 - 9

Crest of the hill, summit
Strong's #H4762

Mareshah is the name of one of Caleb's sons. Another man named Mareshah is the great-grandson of Judah, the founder of one of Israel's tribes.

Mareshah is also the name of a city given to the tribe of Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

Joshua 15:44, 1Chronicles 2:42, 4:21, 2Chronicles 11:8, 14:9 - 10, 20:37, Micah 1:15

Mark (John Mark, Marcus)
A defense
Strong's #G3138

Mark is called Marcus in the King James version of Colossians 4:10, Philemon 1:24 and 1Peter 5:13. He is called John, whose surname was Mark, in Acts 12:12, 25 and 15:37.

John Mark, a Jewish convert to Christianity, was the cousin of Barnabas and writer of the Gospel named after him. His mother is recorded as maintaining a house church in Jerusalem. Please see listing under people connected to Apostle Paul.

Acts 12:12, 25, 15:37 - 39, Colossians 4:10, Philemon 1:24, 1Peter 5:13, 2Timothy 4:11

Mars Hill
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She was rebellious, mistress
Strong's #G3136

Martha, the sister of Lazarus and Mary, lived in the small village of Bethany. She was involved in asking Jesus to visit Lazarus when he was deathly ill.

John 11:1 - 5, 12:2, Luke 10:38 - 42

Their rebellion
Strong's #G3137

Other than Jesus' mother and Mary Magdalene, there are at least five additional Marys mentioned in the New Testament. Please see Important New Testament People listing.

Matthew 1:16 - 20, 2:11, 13:55, 27:56 - 61, 28:1, Mark 6:3, 15:40 - 47, 16:1 - 9, Luke 1:27 - 56, 2:5, 16 - 34, 8:2, etc.

Strong's #G3157

Matthan is in Jesus' lineage as delineated in the gospel of Matthew.

Matthew 1:15

Gift of Jehovah
Strong's #G3156

Matthew, also referred to as Levi, is the seventh person called by Christ to be one of his twelve apostles.

Matthew's vocation before meeting Jesus was as a tax collector. As such, He may have been a wealthy man since they were notorious for practicing extortion, stealing, and generally being dishonest (Luke 3:12 - 13, 19:7 - 8).

Matthew's gospel, written in 35 A.D., is the first of four gospels to be recorded. It is also the first book written that was included in the canonized New Testament.

Matthew 9:9 - 10, 10:3, Mark 2:14 - 15, 3:18, Luke 5:27 - 29, 6:15, Acts 1:13

Gift of God
Strong's #H3159

Matthias was chosen to be one of the twelve apostles, through lots, to replace Judas Iscariot who committed suicide. When God's builds his New Jerusalem, the gemstone that will be an everlasting memorial to Matthias' efforts will likely be an amethyst.

Acts 1:23 - 26

The zodiac
Strong's #H4216

Mazzaroth is believed to be a general term for the twelve signs of the Zodiac as well as their associated stars and constellations.

Job 38:32

Strong's #H4091

Medan was one of the sons of Abraham through his wife Keturah.

Genesis 25:2, 1Chronicles 1:32

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Water of quiet (rest)
Strong's #H4311

Medeba was a city on the major north-south route, east of the Jordan River, called the King's Highway.

Numbers 21:30, Joshua 13:9, 16, 1Chronicles 19:7, Isaiah 15:2

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Mediterranean Sea
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Megiddo (Megiddon)
Rendezvous, place of crowds
Strong's #H4023

Megiddo is called Megiddon in Zechariah 12:11.

Megiddo was a city given to the tribe of Manasseh as an inheritance in the Promised Land. The valley of Megiddo is a broad part of the Jezreel valley located near the city of Megiddo.

The Mount of Megiddo (also called Armageddon) is a small hill near which the End Time Antichrist and his forces will fight Jesus Christ during his Second Coming.

Joshua 12:21, 17:11, Judges 1:27, 5:19, 1Kings 4:12, 9:15, 2Kings 9:27, 23:29 - 30, 1Chronicles 7:29, 2Chronicles 35:22

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