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Our heavenly Father is a God of Bible prophecy (Revelation 19:10). In fact, roughly two-thirds of his word is related to this subject. It is the only book in the world ever written that can demonstrate its inspiration is supernatural and that it is from a Being Who exists outside this physical realm of time and space.

Bible Prophecy is simply history written in advance of the actual event. Its fulfillment is a major proof of God's existence - and more. It attests to his authority and power to influence people's lives and foreordain the course of events here on planet earth. God not only gives advanced information in Scripture regarding what will happen in the future, he has the ability to cause his predictions to come to pass in every detail within a specified time frame.

Scoffers of the Bible and its claim of divine origination may state that the fulfillment of its words is nothing more than lucky guesses. Attributing successful long-term predictions (sometimes spanning several centuries or millennia) to guesswork and luck, however, is preposterous. The divine spiritual origin of prophecy attests, however, to the moral standards of God's word, such as on sexual morality. They should not be lightly dismissed.

The Basics

The Major Prophets
Who are the major prophets? What was their message? What made them so UNIQUE?

The Minor Prophets
Which prophets wrote about the End Time?  What do the prophets warn for TODAY?

World Empires from Babylon to the Beast
What are the FIFTEEN world empires that will exist from Babylon to the End Time Beast power?

What is the key to Revelation?
What does Revelation's seals, trumpets and woes symbolize?



Euphrates River Map
How does the Euphrates river FULFILL end time prophecies?

Ten Kings of Revelation
Which countries will FIGHT the returning Jesus Christ?

The Seven Churches of Revelation Map
Where were Revelation's churches LOCATED?

Bible Timelines

Birth of Jesus Timeline
When did the Magi first see the star? Why did Herod kill children up to two years old?

Does the Old Testament predict the future?
Did God's word predict Alexander the Great and Babylon's destruction?

Why study Prophecy?
What does it accomplish? What does it prove?

How can we understand Bible Prophecy?
What is the profound KEY to understanding prophetic scriptures?

Jesus Christ

The day Jesus died
Which prophecies were fulfilled when Jesus died?

Should Jesus be named IMMANUEL?
Why was the Messiah named Jesus, and not Immanuel?

How much wealth did the MAGI bring?
How were the gifts given to Christ, by the wise men, used to help fulfill prophetic events?

Journeys of Mary and Joseph
How did the travels of Mary and Joseph fulfill prophetic events?

Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem?
How were the Romans used to fulfill prophecy regarding the Messiah?

Three days and three nights
Was Jesus dead for three whole days? Why couldn't he have been crucified on a Friday?

Who was Melchizedek?
How could this priest, who met Abraham, have NO father or mother and no beginning of life?

Jesus in the Old Testament
How many prophecies did Jesus' life and ministry fulfill?

Answers to Questions

Who are the 144,000?
Who are the mysterious 144,000 of Revelation 7? Are they living today and attending your church?

When was Satan cast out of heaven?
Did Jesus see Satan tossed out of heaven? Will he be cast out AGAIN?

Do angels fight battles?
Who was able to STOP Archangel Gabriel? What battles will the DEVIL soon wage against GOD?

Why was Dan left out of Revelation?
What sin did the tribe of Dan commit that got them NOT listed in Revelation?

Did Alexander the Great fulfill prophecy?
What foretold events were fulfilled BETWEEN the Old and New Testaments?

The hidden numbers of Revelation
What does Revelation's secret numbers reveal about God?

The End Time

The Red Heifer
What role does the heifer play in establishing an end time TEMPLE in Jerusalem?

What is the mark of the beast?
Can you insure you do NOT receive the mark of the beast which brings God's wrath?

The End of the World
What MUST occur before almost all life is destroyed on the earth and Jesus returns?

Israel in Prophecy
What does God promise regarding the fate of his chosen people?

Are the Two Witnesses angels?
Could the angels who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah be the Two Witnesses?

Emblems of Israel
What do tribal emblems, given to ancient Israel, tells us about England and America?

The Blood Moons
Do blood moons signal the END of the world?


Timeline of Man's Last Days
When is the mark of the Beast enforced? Are all Christians raptured before the Great Tribulation?

The Last Days of Jesus
How much prophecy did Jesus fulfill in his last week of life?

Empires and Ancient Israel
How did empires like Babylon and Persia's interact with ancient Israel?

Bible Pictures / Images

The Battle of Armageddon
Where will the last battle between Good and Evil occur?

Mount of Olives
Location where Jesus will return to earth a second time!

Seven Churches of Revelation

Ephesus  -  Smyrna  -  Pergamos

Thyatira  -  Sardis

Philadelphia  -  Laodicea

The Nicolaitans
Why did God mention the Nicolaitans twice in Revaltion? Why does he HATE them?

Revelation's churches are warning us!
What warning messages did Jesus give the seven churches in Asia Minor?

The End Time

What does 666 MEAN?
What WARNING is 666 meant to convey to us?

When will the RAPTURE occur?
Will a SECRET rapture occur before, during or after the Great Tribulation?

Is the END near?
Will this year or next bring the completion of man's pitiful rule over the earth?

What is the Apocalypse?
What is the difference between the Biblical apocalypse and Armageddon?

Why is it called the GREAT Tribulation?
How LONG will mankind's worse period of suffering last?

Where do the Lost Tribes of Israel live?
Do the descendents of Abraham live today in weak or powerful, influential countries?

What is America's Destiny?
Has the United States entered the last phase of its power?

What is Japan's role in the End Time?
According to prophecy, will Japan be an enemy or ally of America?

What are God's final warnings?
Why are God's end time plagues so severe? What is the witness given by Revelation's Two Witnesses?

Islam in Prophecy
How is Islam related to Abraham and Israel? Could an Islamic spark ignite WORLD WAR III?

The Millennium and beyond

What exactly IS the Millennium?
What are the conditions on the earth just before the Millennium?

The Devil's Destiny
Is the devil's ultimate fate to be tormented FOREVER?

What happens at the end of the Bible?
What makes the Millennium special? When does the Great White Throne judgment occur?

The Judgment Day
Who does God judge on this day? Why is it the largest group of people who will ever be resurrected?

The New Jerusalem
Why does God create a new Jerusalem even though a millennial version of the city exists?

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