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Who can preach the GOSPEL?
Should ALL Christians preach the gospel
or only those in the ordained ministry?

The Holy Spirit
Should we pray to the HOLY SPIRIT?
Is it really a separate person in the Godhead?

High Priest List
Who was Israel's first HIGH PRIEST?
How many were MURDERED during their time of service?

Who is the ANCIENT of DAYS?
Who is the Ancient of Days mentioned by the prophet Daniel?

What does the Bible say about EBOLA?
Could the Ebola virus be one of the PLAGUES brought
by the four horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Is Jesus a JEW?
How could Jesus be a JEW if his
stepfather and real Father were not?

Camel through the eye of a needle
What did Jesus mean that a CAMEL could go through the eye
of a needle EASIER than a rich man being saved?

Baptism for the Dead
Why would someone undergo baptism
for a person who is DEAD?

Why do ANGELS exist?
Why did God make ANGELS?
For what purpose to do they EXIST?

Funeral Home Lessons
What valuable lessons can we learn
when we must visit a funeral home?

The BEAUTY of the Lord
Who are the only two people
who wrote about the Lord's BEAUTY?

When did Jesus preach to spirits in PRISON?
Why would SPIRITS need to be put in PRISON?

Parable of the Ten Virgins
What causes HALF of the virgins in this parable to lack oil?

The Bible and MENOPAUSE
How many women in the Bible miraculously
bore children after experiencing MENOPAUSE?

What are the MOST POPULAR
Questions sent to the site?

Why was Jesus born?
What are the SEVEN GOALS God wanted him to accomplish?
What does the X in Xmas stand for? Is it meant to disrespect JESUS?
The Virgin Birth
Was Mary really a VIRGIN when she gave birth to Christ?
Journeys of
Mary and Joseph
MAP showing where Jesus' parents travelled before and after his birth!
What does this Jewish holiday commemorate? Can believers celebrate it?
The TRUTH about
the birth of Jesus
What do Nativity scenes have WRONG about Jesus' birth?
Wealth of the Magi
Were the Magi rich enough to financially support Jesus' MINISTRY?
Why was Christ
born in Bethlehem?
Why was our Savior born in BETHLEHEM when his parents lived in NAZARETH?
The REAL reason for
the Christmas Season!
Should children be told
Santa is NOT REAL?

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