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Thanksgiving without God
What are the true roots of the holiday?
What will happen if we continue to forget God?

Thanksgiving in the Bible
What would be a good Thanksgiving day prayer?
Why should we regularly thank God?

The Lord's Prayer
What makes the Lord's Prayer unique?
Should we repeat it every day?

What are the best prayer positions?
What are the best positions in which to pray?
What constitutes the ideal prayer?

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Where are the best places to pray?
What are the best places to petition God?
Should we always pray by ourselves?

What are the best times to pray?
What are the best times to commune with God?
Should we pray more than once a day?

Who are the Maccabees?
What pivotal role did the Maccabees
play in the history of the Jews?
How long did their influence last?

What is the meaning of 666?
What does 666 represent in the Bible?
What WARNING does it convey?

New Testament Mass Murder
Who led the first effort to kill ALL Christians?
Which mass murder was JESUS asked about?

What is the Order of Melchizedek?
What makes Melchizedek
SUPERIOR to all other priests?

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