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Gemstones in the Bible - NEW Series!
This brand NEW series discusses
22 precious stones found in Scripture.
What gems are in the High Priest's breastplate?
Which ones were used to adorn Lucifer?
Which ones will be in the New Jerusalem?

What does the Bible say about jewelry?
Does Scripture permit wearing jewelry?
Whom did God PERSONALLY give jewels,
gold and fine clothing to as a gift?

What are the Urim and Thummim?
What purpose did the Urim and Thummim
serve in ancient Israel? Are they still
being used today?

The New Jerusalem
Why does God create a new Jerusalem
when a millennial version of it still exists?
How big will the city be?
What purpose will it serve?

What can the devil DO and NOT DO?
Can Satan access God's throne TODAY?
How many battles will he lead against God?
Can demons give people super-human abilities?

The Ten Most Encouraging Scriptures
Which Scriptures are the most comforting?
How many of them are
promises given to mankind?

Types of Demons
What are the different kinds of demons?
Do male and female spirits exist?
Are ALL fallen angels free to bother humans?

The devil speaks in the Old Testament
Satan spoke 4 times in the Old Testament.
What can we learn from studying them?
When did Satan confront Jesus in heaven?

The devil speaks in the New Testament
Satan spoke 3 times in the New Testament.
What is the longest conversation
he will ever have?

What was Paul's THORN in the flesh?
Why did God allow SATAN to give him
a thorn? What purpose did it serve?

Was Eve tempted by a SNAKE?
What animal tempted Eve to sin in the
Garden of Eden? Why could it NOT be
a snake or a serpent?

Types of Righteous Angels
What are the four different types of angels?
How many of them are there?
Which three angelic beings have NAMES?

Can the devil contact the DEAD?
Can we contact the dead using demons?
How does belief in an immortal
soul contradict Scripture?

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