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Can the rich be SAVED?
How did Jesus answer a rich young ruler
who wanted to receive eternal life?

How and when did Peter die?
Is it true Peter died in ROME?
Was he REALLY crucified upside-down?

Saturday Miracles
What miracles did Jesus do on Saturday?
What was their purpose?

The Major Prophets
Who are the major prophets?
What was their message?
What made them so UNIQUE?

Mountains in the Bible Map
What do mountains symbolize in Scripture?
Why is Mt. Zion important?
Where are Israel's Biblical mounts located?

WHY was Jesus baptized?
Why did Jesus, though sinless,
have to be baptized?
What special sign did John the
Baptist receive after the ceremony?

What is the SECOND death?
Why must some humans die TWICE?
When and where will God carry out this penalty?

The Lake of Fire
What is thrown into the Lake of Fire?
When will God first use it?
Will wicked humans be tormented in it?

Jesus' Synagogue Miracles
Why were synagogue miracles so important?
Where did Jesus cast out his first demon?

The Table of Nations
Why is this table important
to the history of mankind?
How many humans have ever lived?

Do Guardian Angels EXIST?
Do children have angels who
protect and guide them?
Where are they discussed in Scripture?

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How did the Apostle Paul DIE?
Did Paul die in Rome? Was he beheaded?
How old was he at death?

The Jubilee Year
Why did Israelites joyously celebrate the year?
When does the next one occur?

Was Melchizedek actually Jesus Christ?

The Nicolaitans
What did these people practice and
teach that so ANGERED God?

Names of the Devil
How many different titles and names
does Scripture give God's adversary?

The Kings of Israel
Who were the best and worst kings?
Who was the only FEMALE ruler?

Do men have fewer ribs?
Do men have less ribs since God
used one of them to create Eve?

Timeline of the Old Testament
In what year did God create humans?
When did Abraham, Moses and others live?

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