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What does the Bible say about POLYGAMY?
The Bible is confusing regarding POLYGAMY. Does it permit or condemn it?
Were kings the only ones allowed multiple wives? Did Apostle Paul teach monogamy?
Why didn't Jesus suffer ETERNAL separation from God?
Why did Jesus not suffer, after he became SIN for us,
ETERNAL SEPARATION from God? WHY did he have to die?
What does the Bible say about SLAVERY?
What RIGHTS did slaves possess and how could they be set FREE?
What does the New Testament teach about slaves?
Was Jesus crucified on a CROSS or a STAKE?
Can we know whether Jesus was crucified on a CROSS or a STAKE?
What do ancient corpses tell us about crucifixion?
Meaning of Numbers in the Bible
What do numbers such as 7, 10, 12, 13, 40 and 666 symbolize in Scripture?
This section of the site has been completely REWRITTEN and NEW material added!
Was Jesus, while on the cross, shouting out to Elijah the prophet for help?
What Old Testament scripture was he quoting?
Timeline of the Last Days of Jesus
What did Christ DO during his final week before the crucifixion?
Who wanted Jesus DEAD? Could his dead body been stolen?
Map of Jerusalem and its Seven Hills
Where are Jerusalem's seven hills located?
What other cities are built on 7 hills?

The Red Heifer
How were the ASHES of the red heifer used at the temple?
What ROLE does the heifer play in BIBLE PROPHECY?

First Century Religious Groups
Who were the Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians,
Scribes, Priests and Zealots that interacted with Jesus?

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Did you know about the Bible . . . ?

The oldest writing included in the Bible was not from Moses but Job, who wrote his book around the 1660s B.C.

Adam lived long enough to see the man who represented the EIGHTH generation of his family, Lamech, live to the age of 46!

The phrases "Old Testament" and "New Testament" do not appear in Scripture.

The title of what is arguably one of the ten best and most influential science fiction books published came from the Bible! The book 'Stranger in a Strange Land' by Heinlein takes its title from the name of Moses' first child. Exiled in the land of Midian, Moses named his first son Gershom, which translated means 'I have been a stranger in a strange land' (Exodus 2:22).


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