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New Testament Churches - Map Series
How many churches did the disciples form?
Where were they located? Who started them?

Bread in the Bible
What does bread symbolize in the Bible?
Why should we not use Ezekiel's recipe for it?

The Life of Timothy
How old was Timothy when he met Paul?
When and how did he die?

How many times did Paul visit Rome?
What brought him to the city?
Under which Emperor did he die?

During which missionary journey did
Apostle Paul visit Malta? Why did island
natives think he was a GOD?

Is DANCING a sin?
Does the Bible say married couples can
dance but not those dating? Does God
allow its use to honor and glorify him?

What is the Nazarite Vow?
Can WOMEN take the Nazarite vow?
Was Jesus dedicated, at birth,
to live its requirements?

Is Jesus found in the QURAN?
Where is Jesus mentioned
in the Quran (Koran)?
What does Islam's holiest
book teach about him?

Did ancient Romans write about Jesus?
Do official Roman records exist that speak
of Jesus' trial, crucifixion, or
Nazareth his hometown?

Who is the ANTICHRIST?
Will the Antichrist be an Israelite?
What will he do? What is his ultimate fate?

What does the Bible say about VOWS?
What exactly are vows?
How serious does God take them?
Is there any way to get out of them?

The Jerusalem Conference
Why was the Jerusalem Conference
of Acts 15 convened? Who attended it?
How was the course of Christianity
forever CHANGED because of it?

What is the BEST age to be married?
Is there a right or best age to
get married for the first time?
Does the Bible say what is an
acceptable age difference for a couple?

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