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The Table of Nations
Why is this table important
to the history of mankind?
How many humans have ever lived?

Do Guardian Angels EXIST?
Do children have angels who
protect and guide them?
Where are they discussed in Scripture?

Can we tell ANGELS what to do?
Do believers have authority over angels?
Can Christians tell them what to do?

The Pledge of Allegiance
Does pledging allegiance to a flag break the
second commandment against idolatry?

Gemstones in the Bible - NEW Series!
How many gems does the Bible mention?
Which ones did God use to adorn Lucifer?

The New Jerusalem
Why does God create a NEW
Jerusalem when one already exists?

Cities of Refuge Map
What special purpose warranted
these cities being created?

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How did the Apostle Paul DIE?
Did Paul die in Rome? Was he beheaded?
How old was he at death?

The Jubilee Year
Why did Israelites joyously celebrate the year?
When does the next one occur?

Was Melchizedek actually Jesus Christ?

The Nicolaitans
What did these people practice and
teach that so ANGERED God?

Names of the Devil
How many different titles and names
does Scripture give God's adversary?

The Kings of Israel
Who were the best and worst kings?
Who was the only FEMALE ruler?

What is Fasting?
What does it mean to FAST?
Why does God command an occasional fast?

Do men have fewer ribs?
Do men have less ribs since God
used one of them to create Eve?

Timeline of the Old Testament
In what year did God create humans?
When did Abraham, Moses and others live?

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