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The MOST EVIL PEOPLE in the Bible
Who are the MOST EVIL PEOPLE in the Bible?
Who ESCAPED PUNISHMENT for their sins?
Which sins have gotten God's immediate attention?
Women in the Bible
What role have WOMEN played in the Bible?
Which ones were poets, prophets, rulers, and leaders of armies?
Are FEMALE MINISTERS in the New Testament?
People KILLED by God
How many people in the Bible has God personally EXECUTED?
What sins did they commit that got them KILLED?
Which righteous people narrowly escaped his WRATH?
Punished BY their sins
Which Biblical people had their sins PUNISH them for their lawlessness?
Which of Gideon's sons committed MASS MURDER?
How can we become more like Jesus?
How can Christians become more like JESUS?
What are the four ESSENTIAL tools that will help achieve this goal?
Meaning of COLORS in the Bible
What do the colors black, blue, purple and others mean in the Bible?
Which colors represent God and his glory?
The GREATEST EVENTS in the Bible
What are the 24 greatest events in the Bible?
Which ones are prophesied to occur in the FUTURE?
Which five directly involve SATAN THE DEVIL?
Did Jephthah SACRIFICE his only daughter to God?
Did Jephthah SACRIFICE his only child to GOD?
Are there Biblical ways to avoid fulfilling a vow?
What ultimately happened to his virgin daughter?
What is the difference between encouragement and flattery?
What is the difference between flattery and encouragement?
Why is the Bible AGAINST flattering a person?
Who did God KILL for not rejecting excessive praise?
Are visions of the Virgin Mary REAL?
Are the visions of the Virgin Mary seen at Fatima REAL?
How can we judge whether such manifestation are from God or not?
Where did SIN come from?
Where did SIN in the universe originally come from?
Did GOD create it? What part does the devil play in its existence?
Why is the Bible called HOLY?
What does the word HOLY mean?
Why do people use it to refer to the Bible?
What does the Bible say about Capital Punishment?
Does the death penalty DETER crime or not?
How was criminal behavior punished in the Old Testament?
What does it mean to be unequally yoked together?
What did the apostle Paul MEAN when he said not to be unequally yoked together?
Does this teaching apply to ANY relationship?
Can you CHEAT death?
What is BETTER than living in the flesh?
Why will God, in the near future, NOT ALLOW some people to die?
The Blood Moons
Do BLOOD MOONS signal the END OF THE WORLD as we know it?
Will everyone, including JERUSALEM, see these celestial events?
What makes the moon look red?
What does the Bible say about SNAKE HANDLING?
Does the Bible say Christians can handle snakes WITHOUT HARM?
What FIVE SIGNS did Jesus say will follow believers?
The Ichthus (Christian Fish)
How did the Ichthus (Christian Fish) come to represent belief in Jesus?
How was the symbol used BEFORE the early New Testament church?
Miracles in the Old Testament
How many MIRACLES appear in the Old Testament?
On whom did God send a plague of HEMORRHOIDS?
What is the Great Commission?
What exactly is the GREAT COMMISSION?
Is it something ONLY for the apostles or the full time ministry?
How did the New Testament church carry out this task?
Why does God want us to call him our FATHER and not our MOTHER?
Is the devil a HE or a SHE?
Do angels fight BATTLES?
Why would angels FIGHT each other?
Who was able to STOP Archangel Gabriel's task of seeing Daniel?
What three battles will the DEVIL wage against GOD?

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Did you know about the Bible . . . ?

The phrases "Old Testament" and "New Testament" do not appear in Scripture.

The title of what is arguably one of the ten best and most influential science fiction books published came from the Bible! The book 'Stranger in a Strange Land' by Heinlein takes its title from the name of Moses' first child. Exiled in the land of Midian, Moses named his first son Gershom, which translated means 'I have been a stranger in a strange land' (Exodus 2:22).

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