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Who are the modern-day Palestinians?
Where did the Palestinians come from?
How could much of the Middle East
turmoil been AVOIDED?

Swearing on the Bible
When did the tradition begin of
using a Bible to take an oath?
How have U.S. presidents varied in
taking their oath of office?

What does the Bible say about family inheritance?
What does the Bible say about inheritance?
What determines who should receive a man's estate?

What does INRI mean?
What does I.N.R.I., the abbreviation commonly
found on crosses above Jesus's head, MEAN?

The Blood of Christ
How does the blood of Christ save a person?
How does a believer escape God's wrath
after they have been justified?

WHY was the New Testament written?
Why were the New Testament's
twenty-seven books written?
What goals did God want to fulfill by
recording the words of only EIGHT authors?

The Judgment Day
When will the Judgment Day occur?
Are Christians judged at a different
time than non-believers?

Origin of the Races
What is the origin of RACES?
How has Darwin's racial theories
lead to the wholesale slaughter
of countless humans?

Astronomy in the Bible
How does astronomy introduce us to God?
Which planets and constellations are
found in the Bible? How BIG is the universe?

The Plagues of Egypt
Why did God send certain plagues on Egypt?
How many of Moses' miracles
could Pharaoh's magicians duplicate?

Parable of the Mustard Seed
What does this parable MEAN?
Did Jesus erroneously state it
was the SMALLEST seed?

The END of the WORLD
What events MUST happen
before the END of the World?

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