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The Curse of the Hemorrhoids
Why did God curse the Philistines
with a plague of hemorrhoids?
How did they humorously stop the curse?

God and Idols
Why does the best Bible humor involve idols?
How did the Lord mock Israel's idolatry?

Biblical Pretenders
Why did King David pretend INSANITY?
How good are demons at impersonations?

The Top Ten
Who is mentioned the most in Scripture?
Which pagan gods impacted Israel the most?

Bible Trivia!
Discover UNIQUE Bible trivia, sorted by topic,
on pages that contain lots of amazing facts!

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What are the best prayer positions?
What are the best positions in which to pray?
What constitutes the ideal prayer?

Where are the best places to pray?
What are the best places to petition God?
Should we always pray by ourselves?

What are the best times to pray?
What are the best times to commune with God?
Should we pray more than once a day?

What is the meaning of 666?
What does 666 represent in the Bible?
What WARNING does it convey?

New Testament Mass Murder
Who led the first effort to kill ALL Christians?
Which mass murder was JESUS asked about?

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