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Astronomy in the Bible
How does ASTRONOMY introduce us to God?
Which planets and constellations are found in the Bible?
How BIG is the universe?

Is the END near?
Will this year or next bring the completion
of man's pitiful rule over the earth?

KISSES in the Bible
Who, in Scripture, is first recorded giving a kiss?
What exactly is the kiss of DEATH?

Attacks on Jerusalem Timeline
How many major attacks has Jerusalem endured?
Which siege was stopped directly by God using a DEATH ANGEL?

The Plagues of Egypt
WHY did God send certain plagues on Egypt?
How many of Moses' miracles could Pharaoh's magicians duplicate?

Israel's Day of DISASTER
On which single day has many of Israel's greatest disasters occurred?
Which of these events affected the city of Jerusalem?

What is the definition of MARRIAGE?
Who performed the first marriage ceremony?
What does it take in order to be married in the eyes of God?

What does the Bible say about a marriage license?
Is a marriage license needed for a couple to be wed before God?
Are private contracts acceptable?

Is the Kingdom of God WITHIN YOU?
Does the Kingdom of God, or eternal life, reside
within the heart of EACH human?

Parable of the Mustard Seed
What does this parable MEAN?
Did Jesus erroneously state it was the SMALLEST seed?

Who can preach the GOSPEL?
Should ALL Christians preach the gospel
or only those in the ordained ministry?

The END of the WORLD
What events MUST happen
before the END of the World?

Are there LEVELS of Grace?
Are there different levels of God's grace?
Does he distribute a different amount to EACH human?

The Holy Spirit
Should we pray to the HOLY SPIRIT?
Is it really a separate person in the Godhead?

High Priest List
Who was Israel's first HIGH PRIEST?
How many were MURDERED during their time of service?

Who is the ANCIENT of DAYS?
Who is the Ancient of Days mentioned by the prophet Daniel?

What does the Bible say about EBOLA?
Could the Ebola virus be one of the PLAGUES brought
by the four horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Is Jesus a JEW?
How could Jesus be a JEW if his
stepfather and real Father were not?

Camel through the eye of a needle
What did Jesus mean that a CAMEL could go through the eye
of a needle EASIER than a rich man being saved?


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