What does the Bible say
about wearing earrings?

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QUESTION: What does the Bible say about earrings? Should women wear them or not?

ANSWER: I (a female Email Evangelist) do not wear anything, including earrings, on my ears. I was too scared to have my ears pierced and I hated the ones that pinched. But when my daughter was twelve years old and begged to wear them I allowed it. Unfortunately, she developed a metal allergy and became quite infected from them. Now, as an adult, she only rarely wears them.

I worked as a registered nurse in a Pediatrician's office for four years and saw some horrendous piercing on the bodies of some babies and young children. One little girl came in with a completely severed ear lobe because her little brother grabbed her hoops and tore the tissue. Ear lobe tissue does not heal well because it lacks blood and nerve tissue. My personal experiences have kept me from enthusiastically endorsing the wearing of these things.

However, the Bible DOES show that people did wear earrings (the Hebrew word nexem, Strong's Concordance Number #5141, means nose ring, earring or jewel), bracelets, jewels around the neck, rings and other adornments.

18. In that day the LORD will take away the beauty of ankle bracelets, and the headbands, and the crescents, 19. The pendants, and the bracelets, and the veils; 20. The headdresses, and the leg ornaments, and the sashes, and the boxes of perfume . . . 21. The rings and nose jewels; (Isaiah 3:18 - 21, HBFV).

Interestingly, God HIMSELF stated he gave this jewelry as a gift! When God made a covenant with Israel he considered it like entering into a marriage covenant. After He "married" Israel he stated in the book of Ezekiel.

10 I dressed you in embroidered gowns and gave you shoes of the best leather, a linen headband, and a silk cloak. 11 I put jewels on you - bracelets and necklaces. 12 I gave you a nose ring and earrings and a beautiful crown to wear (Ezekiel 16:10 - 12)

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Regardless of the expense or beauty of our rings, jewels, clothes and alike, the apostle Peter reminds us what truly is the MOST important adornment that can be possessed.

3 You should not use outward aids to make yourselves beautiful . . . 4 Instead, your beauty should consist of your true inner self, the ageless beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of the greatest value in God's sight.  (1Peter 3:3 - 4)

In answer to your question, the Bible does not prohibit the wearing of earrings. However, for peace of mind, pray to God and ask him if he feels it is appropriate for you to wear this type of jewelry.

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