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Bible Facts

The top five most mentioned people in the Bible are King David, Jesus, Moses, Aaron and Saul. David is referred to 145 more times than Jesus! The top five most mentioned women in the Bible are Sarah, Rachel, Leah, Rebekah and Jezebel. Jesus' mother Mary is referenced by name only 19 times.

Revelation contains more references to the Old Testament, 278 total from 32 books, than any other New Testament writing! The only two Biblical books that do NOT use the word 'God' are Esther and the Song of Solomon.

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Q.  Who was the ONLY woman to rule over ancient Israel?

A.  Athaliah, who reigned from 841 to 835 B.C.

Q.  What is the most frequently quoted or referenced Old Testament verse found in the New Testament?

A.  Psalm 110:1, which is referenced no less than 18 times.

Q.  What are the shortest and longest books in the Bible?

A.  The shortest book is 3John, which contains only 299 words in the KJV. The longest is the Psalms, which contains 43,743 words.

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For more than 18 years, this unaffiliated Bible based ministry has freely made available some of the best study tools you will find. Our independence has allowed us to highlight the research of more than one hundred and fifty writers from a wide variety of Christian fellowships and groups.

We offer beginner, basic and in depth articles. Our growing bible library of reference books, maps, timelines, charts, pictures, and other tools will help you deepen your understanding of God's word.

Since 2002, we have offered the truly UNIQUE service of personalized answers to Bible study questions. Handling these inquiries is our team of experienced Christians known collectively as the Email Evangelists. Averaging more than twenty-five years in the faith, they have tackled 13,000 Bible questions!

The First and the Last

The very first book written that was included in the Bible is Job, penned around the 1660s B.C. The last written book, Revelation, was put to paper by the apostle John in 95 A.D. This represents a time span of roughly 1,750 years!

Bible Numbers

The average number of chapters in an Old Testament book is 24. The Bible itself contains 1,189 chapters.

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