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Baalzebub was an important pagan deity of the Philistines (2Kings 1:2 - 3). His Hebrew name in the Bible means "lord (or god) of the flies." Over time, the term came to refer to Satan, the prince of demons. Jesus used this reference to refer to the devil in Matthew 10:25 and 12:24. The popular 1955 novel "Lord of the Flies" takes its title from 2Kings 1:2.

Revelation contains more references to the Old Testament, 278 total from 32 books, than any other New Testament writing! The only two Bible books that do NOT use the word 'God' are Esther and the Song of Solomon. There are also 31,173 verses found in Scripture. The Old Testament has 23,214 verses (about 75% of the entire word of God) and the New Testament has 7,959.

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Did you know . . . ?

The very first book written that was included in the Bible is Job, penned around the 1660s B.C. The apostle John wrote the last book, Revelation, in 95 A.D. on the island of Patmos. This represents a time span of roughly 1,750 years!

Scripture mentions at least 81 distinct animals, including bats, cranes, crocodiles, dragons, eagles, fleas, leopards, owls, peacocks, pelicans, ravens, spiders, unicorns, weasels, whales, wolves and worms!

Dividing up the Word

It was not until 1250 that the Bible was divided into chapters by Cardinal Hugo. Although the Cardinal separated chapters for the sake of convienence his divisions, though many times not accurate, persisted and are generally the same in most modern versions of Scripture.

Stranger in the land

The best-selling science fiction book "Stranger in a Strange Land" was written in 1961. It's title is derived from a Bible quote found in Exodus 2:22. Moses had fled Egypt when he was around 40 to live in the land of Midian. He soon married the daughter of a Midian priest and named his first child Gershom, which means 'I have been a stranger in a strange land.'

Promises, Promises

Here is a good Bible study question. How many promises are found in God's word? There are 7,487 of them made from God to humans, two made by the God the Father to Jesus Christ and 991 between humans. There are also 290 promises made by humans to God, 21 given by angels and one by a man to an angel. Amazingly, there are also in the Bible two promises made by demonic spirits to God and nine given by Satan himself (such as when he promised Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if He bowed down and worshipped him - see Matthew 4:9)! All together, Scripture contains at least 8,803 promises!

Bible Study Questions and Answers

Who was the ONLY female, mentioned in the Bible, to rule over any part of Israel? Queen Athaliah ruled the Kingdom of Judah from 841 to 835 B.C. What is the most frequently referenced Old Testament verse found in the entirety of the New Testament? Psalm 110:1 has at least 18 references in the New Testament.

What are the shortest and longest books in the Bible? The shortest book is 3John, which contains only 299 words in the King James Version. The longest is the Psalms, which contains 43,743 words. Out of the Old Testament's thirty-nine books, the New Testament quotes all but five - Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon.

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