Last Trips Before Crucifixion
(February to March 29, 30 A.D.)

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Topics covered: the resurrection of Lazarus, the Jews unknowingly predict Jesus' death, the Lord escapes to Ephraim, a rich young man requests eternal life, the greatest in God's Kingdom, a corrupt tax collector in Jericho repents, two blind men are healed, the parable of the pounds is given.

Primary scriptures: Matthew 19:3 - 30, 20:1 - 34, Mark 10:2 - 52, Luke 18:15 - 43, 19:1 - 28, John 11:1 - 57.

February to
Late March 30 A.D.

Resurrection of Lazarus

Jesus and his disciples, while traveling south, are a day's journey from Judea. A messenger sent from Mary and Martha, Lazarus' sisters, informs the Lord that their brother is gravely ill. He then states the following.

This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by it (John 11:4).

Christ, instead of rushing to Bethany to heal Lazarus (or simply commanding his healing), makes the unusual choice to stay where he is located an additional two full days (John 11:6). When he and his disciples finally arrive in Bethany Lazarus has been dead and buried for four days (verses 17 and 39)! A large group of mourners, many from nearby Jerusalem, are gathered in the city to comfort and console Mary and Martha.

After the Lord talks with the two sisters he is lead to where their brother is buried. After he has the stone sealing the tomb moved aside, he commands, "Lazarus, come forth!" (John 11:43). Lazarus then comes out of the tomb still wrapped in grave clothes which are quickly removed.

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What Will the Romans Think?

Some who witness the raising of Lazarus run to the Pharisees in Jerusalem to inform them of Jesus' miracle. A group of Jewish religious leaders then quickly convene a meeting (John 11:46 - 47). Instead of rejoicing over this incredibly rare miracle and display of God's power, they complain that it will jeopardize their relationship with the Romans!

What shall we do? For this Man does many miracles. If we allow Him to continue in this manner, all will believe in Him, and the Romans will come and take away from us both this place and the nation (John 11:47 - 48).

The Temple's High Priest, in the middle of the discussion, unknowingly predicts the Lord's death when he states the following to those gathered.

You have no understanding, nor consider that it is better for us that one man die for the people, than that the whole nation should perish (John 11:49 - 50).

Those gathered in the meeting agree that they must find a way to put Jesus to death (John 11:53).

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Escape to Ephraim

Jesus, knowing the Jews actively seek his life, leaves Bethany with his disciples and travels to the nearby city of Ephraim (John 11:54). This trip affords him a short escape from the concentrated efforts to find him in Jerusalem. He will end up staying in the city for an unknown period of time.

Some Pharisees in Ephraim find Christ and try to entrap him by asking whether it is lawful to divorce for any reason. Jesus' answer is that God's perfect will is that people stay married for life with one possible exception (Matthew 19:3 - 9, Mark 10:2 - 12). After commenting about the relationship of celibacy to the Kingdom of God little children are brought to him to bless (Matthew 19:10 - 15, Mark 10:13 - 16, Luke 18:15 - 17).

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How to Inherit Eternal Life

A rich young man, who is a ruler, approaches Christ and asks what it will take for him to have eternal life. Since he was already keeping God's commandments, he was told he needed to give up the wealth that was a priority in his life and follow the Lord. The man, unwilling to forego his worldly wealth, leaves quite sad.

Jesus, after the rich man leaves, warns the disciples not to set their hearts on riches and that it is incredibly difficult, like a camel going through a needle, for those with wealth to enter God's kingdom (Mathew 19:16 - 26, Mark 10:17 - 27, Luke 18:18 - 27).

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Blessings for Believing

Peter then declares to Christ that he and the disciples have given up everything to follow him. The Lord's response is to promise that anyone who sacrifices themselves to follow him will be blessed abundantly both in this life and in the next (Matthew 19:27 - 30, Mark 10:28 - 31, Luke 18:28 - 30). He then gives the parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1 - 16).

Christ reveals, after the group leaves Ephraim, that he will soon be betrayed, suffer, die and then be raised from the dead three days later (Matthew 20:17 - 19, Mark 10:32 - 34, Luke 18:31 - 34).

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Who Are the Greatest?

At an unspecified time after leaving Ephraim the mother of James and John approaches Jesus and requests that her sons have authority, directly under him, in his Kingdom. The other disciples become infuriated at the brothers when they hear about the request. Jesus quells the dissension by teaching all those who will be considered the greatest in God's kingdom are those who serve everyone (Matthew 20:20 - 28, Mark 10:35 - 45).

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Late March 30 A.D.

Jericho's Tax Collector Repents!

Jesus and his disciples then journey to Jericho on their way to Bethany and Jerusalem. As they approach the city a blind man cries out for mercy and is miraculous healed (Luke 18:35 - 43).

As the Lord walks through Jericho a wealthy but corrupt tax collector named Zaccheus wants to see him. His short stature, however, doesn't allow him to see much of anything through the multitudes gathered in the city. His solution is to climb a sycamore tree, away from the crowds, where he believes Christ will pass. As the Lord walks past the tree he notices Zaccheus and states he will visit him at his house!

Zaccheus repents of growing rich through cheating others and vows to repay those he stole from and even help the poor (Luke 19:1 - 10).

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March 29
30 A.D.

Leaving Jericho

On March 29 the Lord and his disciples leave Jericho for Bethany, a journey of roughly seventeen miles (27.3 kilometers). As they are leaving the city two blind men cry out for Jesus to have pity and mercy upon them. He hears their cries and out of compassion heals their blindness (Matthew 20:29 - 34, Mark 10:46 - 52). He then, while drawing close to his destination as Passover approaches (John 11:55 - 57), gives the parable of the pounds (Luke 19:11 - 28).

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