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Lifespans before the Flood

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Large chart lifespans before the flood

Lifespans BEFORE the Flood

Lifespans AFTER the Flood

Age when
first son born
at death
Age when
first son born
at death
Adam? 930Shem100600
Seth105 912Arphaxad35438
Enosh90 905Salah30433
Cainan70 910Eber34464
Mahalealel65 895Peleg30239
Jared162 962Reu32239
Enoch65 365Serug30230
Methuselah187 969Nahor29148
Lamech182 777Terah70205
Noah500 950Abraham100175

In his book about the history of the Jews, the first century historian Josephus stated the following regarding the advanced ages of the pre-flood patriarchs.

"But let no one, upon comparing the lives of the ancients with our lives, and with the few years which we now live, think that what we have said of them is false . . . " (Antiquities (History) of the Jews, Book 1, Chapter 3).

Josephus also states that the reason for the very long lifespans of the pre-flood people was that God decided to be merciful to them and that the food they ate was much better for their bodies than the food eaten post-deluge. The average life span before the flood (ten generations) was 857 years.  After the flood, however, the average life span (for the ten generations from Shem to Abraham) was only 317 years!  In 2008, the average life expectancy of a person living in the United States was 78 years.

Did you know about the Patriarchs . . . ?

The word Patriarch is applied in the New Testament to Abraham (Hebrews 7:4), to the sons of Jacob (Acts 7:8 - 9), and to David (Acts 2:29).

Adam lived long enough to see EIGHT generations of his family born! Adam died when his great, great, great, great, great, great grandson Lamech was 46 years old!

The Biblical patriarch Abraham had eight children through three women. Abraham's son Issac lived 180 years, longer than he did (175 years) or Issac's son Jacob (147 years).

Abraham's wife Sarah holds the distinction of being the ONLY woman in the entire Bible where her age at death is recorded.

Rachel, Jacob's most beloved wife, is the first woman recorded in the Bible as dying in childbirth.

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