The Apostle Paul
His Life and Missionary Journeys

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Saul (the Apostle Paul's name before his conversion) is born in Tarsus, a city in the province of Cilicia. Although raised in a Jewish family, he is a Roman citizen due to his birth in a free city. He goes, early in life, to a Pharisaic Rabbinical school in Jerusalem led by the well-known Rabbi Gamaliel and eventually becomes a Pharisee. The first appearance of Paul (Saul) in the Bible is as a zealous young man who witnesses the stoning of Stephen, the first Christian martyr (Acts 7). Saul soon leads a major persecution against Christians in Jerusalem then travels to Damascus to find still more believers. God confronts him while on the road to Damascus and causes him to repent. He soon receives baptism and begins a dynamic thirty-five year evangelistic career as the apostle Paul!

The Apostle Paul, during his ministry, writes 14 epistles (letters) that become part of the Bible. This is almost TRIPLE the number of books written by Moses. He also conducts at least FIVE missionary journeys (44 to 46, 49 to 52, 53 to 58, 60 to 63, and 63 to 67 A.D.) that take him to Asia Minor, Syria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Britain, and elsewhere. He evangelizes countless cities and helps train others to do so such as Timothy and John Mark. His intense dedication to the calling God gave him, however, comes at a price. He ends up spending at least five total years of his ministry in prison, is whipped five times and beaten three times with rods. He also survives a stoning and endures a shipwreck in the Mediterranean. He ultimately experiences martyrdom at the hands of the Romans. His impact on Christianity and Christian beliefs is truly enormous. He truly was a remarkable man used by God!

Maps of Paul's Missionary Journeys

His travels just after his conversion   View
Map of all cities visited    View
First Missionary Journey of Paul   View
Second Missionary Journey   View
Third Missionary Journey   View
Fourth Missionary Journey   View
The Final Missionary Journey   View
Area of Greatest Evangelistic Work Map   View

Answers to Questions

Did the apostle teach obedience not needed to the commandments?
Did God directly rename him?
Did he think he sinned most than others?
How long was he in PRISON?
Did Paul spend months or years in prison?

Bible Timelines

From Paul's Birth to First Journey   View
From First Journey to martyrdom   View

Answers to Questions

Did the Romans behead him as tradition states?
Were they good friends?
How deep was Paul's relationship with Timothy?
Who paid for the apostle's evangelistic trips? How zealous was he in persecuting Christians?
Does the Bible call Paul a apostle or not?
In what year did he write his first book?
What techniques did he use to evangelize Jews?
Why did the apostle curse out the High Priest?

Pictures from
Paul's evangelistic journeys


Why did the evangelist go to prison after performing a miracle? How harshly did the city treat him?


Paul's restlessness leads him to preach in the city. How did he preach the gospel to those who never heard of Jesus?


What made Tarsus a SPECIAL city in the Roman empire? What kept the apostle from receiving a beating by Roman guards?

Paul evangelizes the city for more than 18 months. What helped sex sins become so widespread in the city? Whom did he meet that became his closes friends?

Why was Paul's life in danger in Damascus? What initially brought him to the city? How did he escape death in Damascus?

What made Ephesus famous throughout the empire? What connection does Ephesus have with Revelation?

The apostle is in the city more than two years as a Roman prisoner. Who kept him in prison while waiting for a BRIBE?


Why did God TWICE stop his evangelistic plans before leading him to the city?


Paul, in Troas, agrees to meet with friends in Assos in order to board a ship. Why did he WALK the entire journey from Troas to Assos?

A Roman guard takes Paul, as prisoner, to Rome. What makes the Appian Way so important to the prosperity and power of the Roman empire?


During a brief stay in Miletus, the apostle requests Ephesian church elders to meet him. What important message did he convey to these church leaders?


Who, envious of Paul's success in preaching the gospel, starts a riot in Thessalonica?

Paul evangelizes the city during his first and second missionary journeys. What RISKS did he take in order to bring the gospel to the area?


What made Philippi especially noteworthy in Paul's ministry? Who also went with him to prison for preaching the gospel?


What important role did the city play in bringing the gospel, for the first time, to Europe?

Reference Book

The Life and Epistles of Apostle Paul
Written by Conybeare and Howson, this work covers
his entire life and his efforts to evangelize the world.

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